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SETTAI (2013)
Director: R.Kannan
Casts: Aarya, Santhanam, Prem Ji, Hansika, Anjali, Naasar
Language: Tamil
Genre: Comedy
‘Delhi Belly’ tasted stupendous success, both commercially and critically due to its quirky content  and it’s unfaltering pace. When director R.Kannan, who is famous for his family entertainers, announced to direct the Tamil remake of the film, many eyebrows were raised with shock and partially disbelief. However, Kannan have already made the air clear by initiatively announcing that Settai is made with the Tamil audiences in mind and will not hold the coarse humour the original had. With the main shining factor being seized away from the film, will Settai manage to grip the audiences with its originality?

Synopsis It all begins when Madhu (Hansika) picks up a mysterious package and sweet-talks her lover JK into delivering it. However his roommate Cheenu (Prem Ji) mistakenly delivers their friend Nakki's (Sanathanam) stool sample (thanks to the dev…