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Director: P.S.Mithran
Casts: Vishal, Arjun, Samantha, Robo Shankar, Dehli Ganesh
Language: Tamil
Genre: Action / Thriller
Music: Yuvan Shankara Raja

A hot headed military officer, Kathiravan (Vishal) tries to expose the crime of data stealing and misuse of it to make money from innocent people by a master hacker, White Devil (Arjun).

Cyber-crime is one of the prevalent topics worldwide, thanks to the immense growth of technology and the ease of data sharing it has facilitated. Even though in surface, the topic might look a bit straight forward, the complexity of these technology is limitless. Debutant director P.S.Mithran has researched deeply and has crafted a film that is intelligent, relatable and engaging.

The film sets up with a strong tone by establishing the master hacker, White Devil who is working towards his ultimate goal of having every individual’s information and money in hand. On the other end, we are introduced to a military officer, Kathiravan who is taking…