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Muppozhudum Un Karpanaigal (2012)

Director: Elfred Kumar
Casts: Adharva, Amala Paul
Music: G.V. Prakash Kumar
Language: Tamil
Genre: Romantic Thriller
From the trailer of MUK, one can simply guess that the film is a sleekly made thriller about an obsessive lover. Yes it is but the actual film suffers the same ‘Style over Substance’ fate where breath-taking cinematography, mesmerising music and dashing lead pairs are thrown into a half-baked content.

The film’s starts off very abruptly and till the interval, moves quite fast. In fact the first half’s set up seems to be relatively interesting only to make way for feeble pay offs at the second half. The suspense they tried to anticipate at the first half is very predictable and unfortunately, the whole film travels in same old foreseeable format. Ram killing and slashing people as he likes is an amateurish thought and the police forgiving him is more painstaking to watch. The flash back is quite thoughtful but does not blend …


Kadhalil Sothapuvadhu Eppadi (2012)
Director: Balaji Mohan
Casts: Siddarth, Amala Paul, Suresh
Music: S. Thaman
Language: Tamil
Genre: Romance/Mockumentary
Debutant Balaji Mohan has made an impressive debut with KSY with such a strong grip on the audiences with an engaging screenplay. Personally I would say, 'Two hours pass so fast and it have never felt so worth it and light." It can be boldly defined as one of the best ‘battle of the sexes’ story of the decade.

Even if the premise is a tested one, what makes KSY unique is the way the protagonist interacts with the camera once in a while giving a mockumentary feel which is really interesting to watch especially when it is a romantic tale. The director has crafted an appealing line up of characters in the film and have weaved in a message that ‘Love can only be learned together with the blunders which comes with it’. He have not only used young love track to stamp it but also uses a love track between the parents al…




Dhoni (2012)

Director: Prakash Raj
Casts: Prakash Raj
Music: Ilayaraja
Language: Tamil
Genre: Drama

Dhoni is the directorial debut of a fine actor, Prakash Raj and eventually he excels giving a well thought noble film. The main objective of the film is very clear from the start and Prakash Raj weaves it with interesting line up of characters. Dhoni has a good message for the academically demanding education system. It never gets deviated from the focus of the film which is rare to see these days. Prakash Raj carries the film with his great acting skills. However the downside of the film is the generic second half. It eventually becomes very cliché towards the end. After you have watched the film, you might feel like Prakash Raj have been trapped in time, thanks to the melodramatic climax.Technically the film doe not offer much too. K.V. Guhan's smooth cinematography gives a feel good factor to the film. Editor Kishore's cuts are sharp and it helps the storytelling to a c…


Marina (2012) Director: Pandiraj
Casts: Siva Karthigeyan, Oviya, 'Pakkoda' Pandi 
Music: Girishh
Language: Tamil
Genre: Comedy Drama
National Award winner, Pandiraj’s Marina is one of the most anticipated film, which marks the debut of famous TV anchor Sivakarthigeyan. As we watch Marina, it clearly can be felt that it was heavily inspired by ‘Saalam Bombay’ and its noble theme of portraying the lives of the poor kids in India. It throws a light on the lives of the people in Marina beach, the second largest beach in the world. The film takes its time to establish the life of the people in a non-cinematic way. The film has a bunch of interesting character which unfolds as the film runs. The realistic approach must be commendable. However, the director seems to have lost the treatment he wanted to achieve as the film gets lingered in a documentary format and also a fictional film format. It gives a feeling that the maker was not sure what he wanted to package the film …