Kadhalil Sothapuvadhu Eppadi (2012)

Director: Balaji Mohan
Casts: Siddarth, Amala Paul, Suresh
Music: S. Thaman
Language: Tamil
Genre: Romance/Mockumentary


Debutant Balaji Mohan has made an impressive debut with KSY with such a strong grip on the audiences with an engaging screenplay. Personally I would say, 'Two hours pass so fast and it have never felt so worth it and light." It can be boldly defined as one of the best ‘battle of the sexes’ story of the decade.

Even if the premise is a tested one, what makes KSY unique is the way the protagonist interacts with the camera once in a while giving a mockumentary feel which is really interesting to watch especially when it is a romantic tale. The director has crafted an appealing line up of characters in the film and have weaved in a message that ‘Love can only be learned together with the blunders which comes with it’. He have not only used young love track to stamp it but also uses a love track between the parents also to do it. That makes the film genuine. Dialogues which are sharp and youthful, is a certain spot on. He also uses Facebook in the film and the particular scene where Siddarth parents have a ‘cute’ questioning about his girlfriend photo in his profile. By the time it reaches the last scene, we can understand the reality of relationships and the simplicity of love.

The casting is perfect and Siddarth is an apt choice who carries the film on his shoulder with his charm and balanced expressions. Others like Amala and Suresh impresses while the newbies of friends make a thunderous debut by pulling the roofs down at many parts of the story.

Nirav Shah’s camera work is simple yet elegant. Thaman’s music is pertinent to the subject and the use of ‘Valai Osai’ of illayaraja at the climax really elevates the film.


All said, KSY can be easily labeled as a 'sweet classic' among the teenagers and the main credit goes to Balaji Mohan for creating such a light hearted story with no commercial exaggerations whatsoever. In overall, a huge applause should be given to the whole team for once again proving the power of simplicity.


Verdict: Relatable, Fresh & Youthful

Rating: 4/5


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