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Director: Karthik Shamalan
Casts: Jaya Ganason, KS Manian, Mahessan Poobalan
Music: Shameshan Mani Maran
Language: Tamil
Genre: Crime / Thriller

Inspired by the popular ‘Red Riding Hood’, En Veetu Thottathil depicts the painful journey of a deaf & mute girl, Sujitha (Jaya Ganeson) who is in the captivity of a serial killer, The Wolf.

After a strong presence in the Malaysian telemovie and music video scene, young film maker Karthik Shamalan debuts into the league of feature film (actual debut filmSuhamaai Subbulakshmi’ has been delayed for release). In a closed and conservative film atmosphere like Malaysia, Karthik has made a bold debut with a slasher flick. Did it prevail?

For any slasher film, the main strength relies on the character depth of the protagonist. The emotional connection with the film’s central character, Sujitha excellently portrayed by Jaya Ganeson. The first half of the film invests its time in establishing the unique rapport of the two lead characte…