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THERI (2016)

THERI (2016)

Director: Atlee Casts: Vijay, Samantha, Amy Jackson, Mahendran, Radhika, Baby Nainika
Music: G.V.Prakash
Language: Tamil
Genre: Action Drama
Vijay is one of the top league actors who garner immense expectations and pre-talks about his films. However, ‘Theri’ was more special with the dynamic actor joining hands with a new age director, Atlee who gave us the memorable, ‘Raja-Rani’. From the poster release to the trailer, ‘Theri’ never failed to excite the audiences. So will this ‘Theri’ fire as expected?
Synopsis Joseph Kuruvilla (Vijay) and his daughter, Nivetha (Baby Nainika) lead a simple and happy life avoiding any troubles. Nivetha’s teacher (Amy Jackson) gradually finds out that behind the simplicity and fear, Joseph might have a deep back-story.
Story Screenplay ‘Theri’ might not be something that is completely new but Atlee tries to infuse innovation whenever he can. The usual revenge saga is presented in a very sleek way with carefully tailor made ‘mass’ scenes inser…