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VIVEGAM (2017)

Director: Siva
Casts: Ajith Kumar, Vivek Oberoi, Kajal Agarwal, Akshara Hassan, Karunakaran
Music: Anirudh
Language: Tamil
Genre: Action / Adventure / Crime

An Interpol agent, AK (Ajith Kumar) sets out for a revenge against his friends who work for a secret society.

After delivering two commercially successful films, ‘Veeram (2013)’ and ‘Vedalam (2015)’, ‘Vivegam’ marks Ajith-Siva’s third collaboration. Looking at the trailers and promotion, the film was touted to be a crime thriller that looks and feels westernised. So will the combo hit a hat trick?
Despite the Hollywood treatment, we know that we are watching a Siva film when even an American utters a punch dialogue in the starting scene. After a breathtaking intro and a far fetched pre-title stunt sequence, the audience are left with whether to excite or hesitate.

The main problem with Vivegam is that it takes good ideas and delivers it with overblown cinematic liberties that might kill off the intention. The roman…