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THANI ORUVAN(2015) Director: Mohan Raja Casts: ‘Jayam’ Ravi, Nayanthara, Arvind Swamy
Music: Hip Hop Thamizha
Language: Tamil
Genre: Action Thriller
There was a time when the ‘Jayam’ brothers’ ruled the industry with consecutive hits. After a four years hiatus, director Raja is back to pair with his brother for a sleek action thriller. With another powerhouse actor, Arvind Awamy joining the team, the promos looked nothing short of a racy action affair. Will they deliver another blockbuster?
Synopsis Mithran (Jayam Ravi) and his group of friends who are training to be IPS officers embark upon a secret night journey to nib the crimes happening in the city. However, it’s revealed that the hard work is all going to waste as these criminals are being bailed by the big heads of the government. Mithran does not seem to be shaken at all as he has different plans. With intensive research from young, he has created a map of small crimes leading to big conspiracy and aims to kill that one proprieto…


Director: Vijay Chandar Casts: STR, Hansika, Santhanam, VTV Ganesh, Aditya
Music: S.Thaman
Language: Tamil
Genre: Romantic Comedy

‘Vaalu is not a film but an emotion’ says all STR fans. Initially touted to release on Deepavali 2012, Vaalu fell deep into tons of problems before seeing the light last Friday. STR will be keen to return to the big league of actors after three solid years of hiatus. With expectation and anticipation hitting the skies, will Vaalu deliver what it has promised?
Synopsis Sharp (STR) a happy-go-lucky guy falls in love with Priya Mahalakshmi (Hansika). However he learns that she is engaged with a local businessman-don, Anbu (Aditya). Priya agrees to be Sharp’s friends. The rest of the film is about how Sharp tries to prevail in love and defeat Anbu, solely by his mind games and witty antics.
Story Screenplay Like it’s title, Vaalu is energetic, chirpy and loud. From the first frame it is established what kind of film the audience can expect for the next…



Director: M.Rajesh Casts: Arya, Santhanam, Tamannaah, Vidyulekka Raman, Bhanu
Music: D.Imman
Language: Tamil
Genre: Romantic Comedy

VSOP – the cheeky creative title says it all about the flick created from the makers of ‘Boss Engira Baskaran’. Promising comedy flick director, Rajesh is back to his “booze-love-bromance” formula after the major downer in ‘All in All Azhagu Raja’.With a great sense of determination (and desperation), Rajesh has to give a hit urgently to be back to the league of leading directors. Will he prevail?
Synopsis Vasu (Santhanam) and Saravanan (Arya) are thick friends since young and they own a mobile phone shop named, “VASA mobiles”. Vasu enters the wedlock and unfortunately his wife set a condition to Vasu to break ties with Saravanan. What Vasu does next and whether he chooses marriage over friendship forms the crux of the story.
Story Screenplay When it comes to Rajesh films, audience only expect a thread of plot, pa…


Director: A.L.Vijay Casts: Vikram Prabhu, Keerthy Suresh, Navdeep, Charlie, RJ Balaji
Music: G.V. Prakash Kumar
Language: Tamil
Genre: Romantic Comedy

Vijay is one director who has proven his versatility in short span of time by making movies in extreme spectrums, from commercial to artsy family film. However, the most constant factor present in all his films is the genuine romance that will take the back seat but will be displayed with nothing short of sheer beauty. What if director like this decides to capitalise on his strength and make a full-fledged romantic film?
Synopsis After finding no takers for their stage plays, Arun (Vikram Prabhu) and his passionate friends decide to translate their stage acting passion into a match-making company by creating romantic scenarios to help single men woo their lady love. What happens when Arun is forced to set up his ex-lover, Maaya (Keerthy Suresh) with his millionaire client, Santosh (Navdeep)?
Story Screenplay ‘Idhu Enn…