Director: A.L.Vijay
Casts: Vikram Prabhu, Keerthy Suresh, Navdeep, Charlie, RJ Balaji
Music: G.V. Prakash Kumar
Language: Tamil
Genre: Romantic Comedy

Vijay is one director who has proven his versatility in short span of time by making movies in extreme spectrums, from commercial to artsy family film. However, the most constant factor present in all his films is the genuine romance that will take the back seat but will be displayed with nothing short of sheer beauty. What if director like this decides to capitalise on his strength and make a full-fledged romantic film? 

After finding no takers for their stage plays, Arun (Vikram Prabhu) and his passionate friends decide to translate their stage acting passion into a match-making company by creating romantic scenarios to help single men woo their lady love. What happens when Arun is forced to set up his ex-lover, Maaya (Keerthy Suresh) with his millionaire client, Santosh (Navdeep)?

Story Screenplay
‘Idhu Enna Maayam’ starts off with a promising note with the concept of actors creating filmy scenarios to match make two people, symbolising the phrase of Shakesphere that ‘All the world’s a stage’

However, what starts of promisingly, meanders after the first intro song depicting the inciting incident of the story. Just when we thought that, Vijay is going to churn out another ‘Poi Solla Porom’, the story cuts to the flashback scenes filled with dated cheesy romance scenes. The lead pair falls in love too conveniently, which prevents us from sympathising with Vikram Prabhu during the second half. In fact, this kills off the entire second half which appears lifeless.

The tricks used by the actors to create scenario even though intended to leave the audience in splits, only leaves us smiling. Vikaram Prabhu’s family sentiment tracks also feel redundant. The problem with Idhu Enna Maayam is that it never takes off the emotional graph and meanders it ways through many illogical scenes, finishing off with a ‘convenient’ climax.

If only Vijay avoided clichés and punched in the comedy a little, ‘Idhu Enna Maayam’ might not have been this lifeless.

Casting & Performance
Vikram Prabhu as Arun does look out of place at times with limited expression. He instructs most of the time as the team leader in the film rather than acting. In midst of the mediocre performance, he excels in romantic scenes and has shown improvement in dance sequences as well.

Keerthy Suresh fits the bill perfectly as the modern pop singer girl, Maaya. She shows lots of promise with no signs of a newcomer.

There are tons of comedians, from newcomers to veterans present in the team. Charlie steals the show most of the time with RJ Balaji sparkling at times. Without both of them, the film might have gone down even deeper. Navdeep does another typecast role.

Director Vijay who is known for bringing the best out of the actors has fumbled a little with weak characterizations being the main culprit.


Technically, ‘Idhu Enna Maayam’ oozes with innovation.

Vijay’s usual associate, cinematographer Nirav Shah paints each frame with so much of dedication. Be it the visual illusions at ‘Machi Machi’ song or the beautiful slow motion shots during ‘Iravaaga Nee’ song, he brings up the film a notch higher than it is. We feel the romance most of the time due to his visual metonymy.

The entire art department and graphic team has to be commended as well keeping the visuals fresh to the eye with great detailing and heavy use of colours. With five choreographers working in the film, each song has turned out differently and imaginatively.

G.V. Prakash’s songs are fresh and upbeat, suiting the film’s narration. He scores the most with his soothing BGMs.

Vijay does have a firm grip with his usual technical associates presenting the simple story he has crafted with tasteful innovation.

Despite an interesting plot, ‘Idhu Enna Maayam’ lacks the magic it might have glittered on paper, thanks to the meandering, lifeless execution, qualifying as A.L.Vijay’s weakest film to date.

Verdict: No ‘Maayam’

Movie Rating:  2.5/5

Director’s crown – Vijay : 

By Kannan Vijayakumar


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