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THE POST (2017)



Director: Joro Anwar
Casts: Tara Basro, Bront Palarae, Endy Arfian, Dimas Aditya, Nasar Annuz, M. Adhiyat
Language: Bahasa Indonesia
Genre: Drama / Horror / Mystery

After dying from a strange illness that she suffered for 3 years, a mother returns home to pick up her children. 

Indonesia is famous for its old school horror films that are based on famous folk lore characters and plot. Especially when majority of the population believes in the element of supernatural to a high extent, striking chords through the horror genre is not particularly an uphill task. Released in 1980, ‘Pengabdi Setan (Satan's Salve in English)’ became a beloved cult classic at that time which only stacked up the pressure to remake this old school horror with a touch of invention without spoiling the strong sentiment of mysticism the audience shared with the film. 

Joro Anwar takes the challenge quite swiftly by exploring familiar scares further by staging them with an increased tension that is e…


Director: Vignesh Shivan
Casts: Surya, Ramya Krishnan, Keerthy Suresh, Karthik, Suresh Menon, Senthil, Siva Shankar
Music: Anirudh
Language: Tamil
Genre: Action / Comedy / Crime

Loosely based on the Opera House heist that happened in 1987, ‘TSK’ revolves around a team of con artists who pose as CBI agents to conduct raids to swindle money from corrupted businessmen. What happened when they are tracked down by the real CBI agents?
After giving two quirky, fresh films, young director Vignesh Shivan has clinched the opportunity to direct a top league actor at a very early stage of his career. However this time, he has adapted a critically acclaimed Hindi film, ‘Special 26 (2013)’ has a source for this next film’s content. Of course, if you have seen ‘Special 26’, you will know that ‘Thaan Serntha Kootam (TSK)’ is vastly different in terms of presentation, characters and screenplay. 

The film starts off with RJ Balaji’s interview struggles and how he is pushed to accept any job des…