Marina (2012)


Director: Pandiraj
Casts: Siva Karthigeyan, Oviya, 'Pakkoda' Pandi 
Music: Girishh
Language: Tamil
Genre: Comedy Drama


National Award winner, Pandiraj’s Marina is one of the most anticipated film, which marks the debut of famous TV anchor Sivakarthigeyan. As we watch Marina, it clearly can be felt that it was heavily inspired by ‘Saalam Bombay’ and its noble theme of portraying the lives of the poor kids in India. It throws a light on the lives of the people in Marina beach, the second largest beach in the world. 


The film takes its time to establish the life of the people in a non-cinematic way. The film has a bunch of interesting character which unfolds as the film runs. The realistic approach must be commendable. 


However, the director seems to have lost the treatment he wanted to achieve as the film gets lingered in a documentary format and also a fictional film format. It gives a feeling that the maker was not sure what he wanted to package the film as. Much anticipated Sivakarthigeyan’s debut falls flat with a feeble role. However, he shows signs of promise at each dialouge. Oviya as an annoying girlfriend, excels. Other cast are average as Pakoda Pandi carries the film on his shoulder, coming out as a fine actor. 


Technicality the film does not offer much but also Marina is a substantial film which does not warrant much from the technical team. Music by Girish is not bad as only the promo song, 'Vannakam Vazha Veikum Chennai' captures the attention. Cinematographer Vijay have captured the Marina beach poetically especially towards the climax.


In overall, a well-motivated film, which could have been way impactful with a clear format.


Verdict: Marina promises plenty but delivers a little


Rating:  2.5/5





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