Muppozhudum Un Karpanaigal (2012)

Director: Elfred Kumar
Casts: Adharva, Amala Paul
Music: G.V. Prakash Kumar
Language: Tamil
Genre: Romantic Thriller


From the trailer of MUK, one can simply guess that the film is a sleekly made thriller about an obsessive lover. Yes it is but the actual film suffers the same ‘Style over Substance’ fate where breath-taking cinematography, mesmerising music and dashing lead pairs are thrown into a half-baked content.

The film’s starts off very abruptly and till the interval, moves quite fast. In fact the first half’s set up seems to be relatively interesting only to make way for feeble pay offs at the second half. The suspense they tried to anticipate at the first half is very predictable and unfortunately, the whole film travels in same old foreseeable format. Ram killing and slashing people as he likes is an amateurish thought and the police forgiving him is more painstaking to watch. The flash back is quite thoughtful but does not blend with the story. The film ends in a forced way before we can feel the ‘love’ the makers have tried to instil in the audience. The dialogues shine at parts but only if the screenplay had been better, it could have stamped more impact.

Adharva has improved a lot from his first film and his hard
work is evident. Amala Paul shines as a bankable star while Jayaprakash utilizes his restrained character well. But one could feel these fine line up of casts are quite wasted.

Shakthi’s camera works have worked marvellously well with interesting angles. On the other hand, G.V. Prakash’s BGMs are not strong as usual but scored in the soundtracks with ‘Oru Murai’ and ‘Sokku Podi’. 


All said, a point to note is that MUK was released with 15-20 censorship cuts which have further distorted the film.

Moreover the original director of the film, Ganesh was replaced few days later from the shoot by producer, Elfred Kumar and we might never know, what the real idea of the film too.

Verdict: Muppozhudum Un Karpanaigal is a visual treat but other than that, a forgettable journey.


Rating: 1.5/5 





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