After 1 and quarter years of anticipation and eagerness, Gautham’s Vinnaithaandi Varuvayaa. Right from the cast to the technical team, the movie is purely packed star cast with proven technicians.

I was listening to the songs every day since they were released in Amazon. I am one of the biggest fan of Gautham and a crazy fan of Silambarasan for many years. With the Oscar award winner A.R.R handling the music, there were no doubts for everyone that the movie sure to make it big. I entered the theatre expecting a true love story with quality acting and a powerful story. I was not disappointed at all; in fact I was dumbfounded by it.

VTV is all about falling in love, the emotions, confusions and the innumerable rollercoaster sensations associated with it. Karthik (Silambarasan), a mechanical engineer, hopes to be a aspiring film director one day. It is love at first sight for this young man with his landlord’s daughter Jessy (Trisha), a Malayalee Christian and a computer professional. Karthik expresses his love to her in a quite unexpected manner but she does not accept it citing practical reasons, such as age, culture and family’s pride. Notwithstanding her absence even for a short while, Karthik leaves Chennai and travels to Kerala just to apologise to her. Jessie understands the depth of his love by his words and actions.

He finds Jessie and apologies for his behaviour and earns her friendship in return.. The ensuing train trip to Chennai from Allapuzha paves way for a deeper bond between the two. Jessie’s brother gets to know about Karthik’s love and problems emerge between them which create a conflict between the two families and Karthik’s family is made to vacate the premises. This triggers the hasty arrangement of marriage for Jessy in Kerala. Needless to say, Karthik reaches there and what happens thereafter form the crux of Vinnai Thaandi Varuavaayaa. The rest of the story is all about the life of the main leads after these incidents. The love has been portrayed in the typical narrative style of Gautham.

Simbhu’s performance has been impressive from the first shot of the movie to the last frame of the movie. His toned down dialogue delivery works very well for the story and especially towards the climax; he makes the audience move in tears with his acting.

Trisha stays impressive from portraying the character of a confused lady who couldn’t decide on her love at many instances. No doubt that it will be a break for her too in her career.

A.R.R’s music is very impressive and his background music is magical and makes the audience go into the story deeper and deeper. Especially during scenes where Karthik proposes his love and the scene where he sees Jessie for the first time. The deep experimental of new type of music have come out in a very pleasant way. No doubt that this movie will bag him numerous awards.



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