‘Dumbfounded, Astonished, Shocked’, I am not so sure how to explain the experience of this genuine master piece which is delivered straight from the heart without any cliché frills. It’s an experience and the first one to credit is no doubt, Selvaragavan who does not disappoint at any frame of the film. Strong characters, Great screenplay and Excellent performances, make Mayakkam enna certainly one of his best without any doubt.

Now to the review. The story starts of as simple following of a young man, Karthik (Dhanush) who aims to become a wild life photographer and the struggles he faces. As the story unfolds, new characters are introduced in the story, such as his close friend Sundar who is also the reason for him to bump into Yamini (Richa), Sundar’s GF. He is in dilemma as he falls in love with his best friend’s lover. When we thought this is going to be a love triangle, Selvaragavan tricks us and transits the story into a heavy drama with a strong twist and ends of with a ending which makes us realize the true meaning of ambition, friends and love. Basically the meaning of life. A message of "FOLLOW YOUR HEART" impact fully carves on your heart when the end credits roll.

Such a gripping story never deviates and what makes the film even impactful is Dhanush’s portrayal as Karthik. He shows maturity and versatility in the film and no doubt this is one of his best, standing next to Aadukalam. Richa does not look like a new comer at all who impresses even overshadowing Dhanush at some shots. Other cast also elevates the realism of the film.

Technically, Ramji underplays and stays genuine to the content and delivers what is needed for the film. G.V.Prakash’s songs are remarkable and his BGM’s does makes the right impact. His rapport with Selva stands out more in this than AO.

There is no downside to this honest product and as many plagued about the slow pace, I strongly disagreed to the claim as slow pace is needed for this kind of life portraying film. However some events like the wildliife photographer Madesh is being nominated for the same photograph after many years and a scene where he is shown involving in a fashion photoshoot and Karthik's photo being published in the front cover of Kumudham, shows some inaccuracy in the characterization/content but it is to minimal.



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