Thadaiyara Thaakka (2012)

Director: Magizh Thirumeni
Casts: Arun Vijay, Mamta Mohandas
Music: Thaman
Language: Tamil
Genre: Action Thriller

Magizh Thirumeni, a former associate of director Gautham Menon comes back after a decent debut with Mundhinam Paartheney two years ago, but this time with a high voltage action thriller. Arun Vijay who is always looking to improve his career took a fresh role with subtle persona. Does this upcoming director and actor’s collaboration as successful as its pre talks?

The title of ‘Thadaiyara Thaakka’ itself is innovative and captures the attention instantly and same goes for the film as it starts off with a dark mood showing the atrocity of the underworld gangsters. The film then travels in a another track where it shows Selva (Arun Vijay) getting engaged with Priya (Mamta) and future starts to look promising for the duo when a twist happens when he bumps into the gang of Maha. The sniff looks small but what makes a huge turn is the murder of Maha and when Selva gets framed for it. Hell breaks loose when Kumar, Maha’s brother starts to hunt for Selva which leaves him on the run to prove his innocence and solve the mystery of Maha’s murder, before any harm could be done to his loved ones.

The main strength of the film is the screenplay which packed with mystery and suspense. The parallel screenplay at the first half makes the film more engaging and when the two tracks clash, maximum impact is made. One could obviously see the shades of Gautham Menon at the love tracks and the dialogues but however, Magizh also stamps his style of brisk paced screenplay technique which he used on his debut film too. 

However the second half does drag but only at 20 minutes before the pre climax. The main problem might be the early set up of the main clue which makes it predictable at the end. Therefore, when the last clue is given away, the film starts to feel empty but picks up the momentum at the climax.  Look out for the interesting way the henchmen are killed at the climax.

Arun Vijay underplays his role as Selva and excels. He does improve in each movies and Thaiyara Thaakka undoubtedly his best so far. This film’s commercial/critical success does give a big hope for Arun to enter the league of biggies and it will be interesting to look how he capitalises on it. Mamta also does a decent job with a good scope at the first half. Other casts look ok but the much hyped Rakul as Gayathiri does not make much impact with a stagnant look throughout. Thadaiyara Thaakka is relatively sound with shaded cinematography by N.Sukumar. His lens elevates the mood right from the start. National Award winners, editors Praveen and Srikanth have stylistically cut the film with right tone of colour grading which gives the film a sleek look. Thaman on his side have attempted to give a mysterious effect with his BGM and succeeds at parts.  Kudos to Magizh Thirumeni, for bringing his vision with a well collaborated team.

Verdict:  In overall Thdaiyara Thaakka is a well-paced action thriller which will certainly be a treat for action - thriller lovers.

Rating: 3/5


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