Billa 2 (2012)

Director: Chakri Toleti
Casts: Ajith Kumar, Parvathy Omanakuttan, Vidyut
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Language: Tamil
Genre: Mob Thriller


Billa 2 is the most anticipated film of the year, thanks to the impact created by ‘Billa’ (2007), due to the menacingly stylistic character design. And now, Billa 2, the first prequel in Indian cinema, intends to follow the roots of the titular character, David Billa. With Unnai Pol Oruvan fame, Chakri Toleti helming the film, all eyes from Indian cinema was on this film. Does Billa 2 fulfil the humungous expectations?

Quick Synopsis:  The film opens up with a ferocious fight scene where Billa (Ajith) beats up all the henchman and shoots the main gangster. The film then moves back to focus on how a simple youngster, David Billa who lives as a refugee in the coastal Tamil Nadu becomes Billa due to greed for money and power. The film then gradually becomes intense as Billa climbs the top spot by the Interval. During this rise, Jasmine, Billa’s sister’s daughter, is brought to stay with Billa when she loses her mother. Power always comes with problems and how Billa get rids of all the pressure and backstabbing of the dealers, forms the crux of the story.


What makes a gangster film engaging is the breath-taking action sequences and rapid pacing. Chakri have passed the first test but what Billa 2 lacks, is a good screenplay and strong characters which are equally important for a good mob film. The first half focuses on the rise of Billa from a simple refugee to a deadly henchman. The problem of the characterization can be felt as we could not relate much to David Billa, mainly because there are not much of scenes where he is surrounded by normal people.  The normality of the youngster was seriously missing.

Billa 2 also suffers from indistinct characterization of the supporting characters.  Parvathy and Bruna’s roles look like an extended cameo where the latter is used purely for glamour quotients.  Both of their characters do not add any value to the story’s turn at all. What make a protagonist sturdy are the equally strong antagonists which Billa 2 has missed. Abbasi’s (Sudhanshu Pandey) character is weak and gives an impression of a mistimed inane gangster. The plans set by all the antagonists always fail which makes them really feeble. 

However the placements of the action scenes are excellent and the only villain who was portrayed fairly deadly was Dimitri (Vidyut Jamwal) has loads of stunt sequences to impress. Dialogues by Era Murugan are short and punchy.

However, Billa 2 is coated with excellent treatment for a mob film and the feeling stays throughout. The fast pacing also adds to the entertaining factor.
In overall, with four writers, Billa 2 should have done better in its substance.

Casting & Performance 

Billa, Ajith Kumar who have come a long way in his career have delivered exactly what have expected from him. He cakewalks the role with excellent charisma and style. His aggression in his eyes and the intensity does not die till the end which is the biggest strength of the film. 

Next stands Vidyut as Dimitri who looks really convincing as a foreign mobster. He impresses in the stunt sequences, especially in his intro scene. He has sparks of brilliance in acting and this should increase the anticipation of his next venture with Vijay, Thuppaki. Parvathy as Jasmine does a brief role but looks the same in all the scenes. Even though Bruna’s character is totally redundant to the film, she gives what is expected of her. The second villain Sudhashnu Pandey due to the weak character does not really make any impact. Rahman makes a guest appearance whereas, Illavarasu makes his presence felt with just a brief role.

In overall, due to the weak characterizations of the supporting roles, Ajith Kumar had a huge burden in his hand to safe the performance segment of the film and has come out with a decent show.


Technicality is one department which have salvaged Billa 2. R.D Rajasekar’s cinematography tops the list with sheer brilliance with the use of RED EPIC camera. Each shot of the film stands out and epically at the stunt sequences, he dazzles with style. All the songs in the film have shot in a very appealing way. Even though ‘Idhayam’ breaks the film pace, it is saved by the way it was shot. ‘Yedho Mayakkam’ is a visual treat. The stunt direction of the film is superb which makes the simple screenplay engaging. All the three stunt directors have really worked out to make them raw and rough. The costume designs also gives a rich look to the film but the designs for Ajith’s character is not so ravishing as it was in Billa. Suresh Urs cuts are crisp and neat. Yuvan’s background score is epic and cool. The songs together with the visuals have come out to be pleasing.

In overall, if only the focus and details of the technicality would have incorporated in the screenplay, Billa 2 might just have been the most memorable mob film in Kollywood.


Everyone’s hard work can be seen especially, Chakri’s, who have carried the burden of a big franchise in his second film. Unfortunately, Billa 2 suffers from poor characterization and lacks much detailing required for historical root needed for a deadly gangster. However it is compensated big time with astounding visuals and stylistic treatment.

Verdict: Billa 2, is rich, stylistic with remarkable visuals, but misses its mark with the lack of substance.

 Rating: 2.5/5


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