Vettai (2012)

Director: Lingusamy
Casts: Madhavan, Aarya, Sameera Reddy, Amala Paul
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Language: Tamil
Genre: Action

If ‘Anandham’ evoked the spines of family sentiments, ‘Run’ created a new trend in action genre. When ‘SandaiKozhi’ was loaded with bloodshed of violence, ‘Paiyya’ brought us a fresh genre of road trip of natural humour and love. With ‘Vettai’, Lingusamy have tried to combine all of those values in it and have relatively passed.

Now to review. From the looks of the trailer, anyone could have guessed the story of the film. And yes, it is old has a hill. Thirumoorthy (Madhavan) and Gurumoorthy (Arya) are brothers. The latter has a cowardly character which makes his young brother defending him since young. When their father who is a police officer, passes away, Thirumoorthy takes up his job and as usual, his brother defends him and how they take over the criminals together is the story. In words it looks like a dull stereotypical action film but what makes the huge change is Lingusamy’s racy screenplay and Brindha Sarathy’s crisp dialogues.  

Another big strength of Vettai is its star studded casting. Among the four, Madhavan tops them with a neat performance and travels back to his ‘Run’ days at times. His rapport with Lingusamy is clearly evident but with a little fitness, he has a strong chance to rule back this industry. Arya gives a competent performance but does not show any difference from other films.  Sameera Reddy stamps her experience while Amala Paul shows glimpse of a bankable star. The villains look ordinary and shout at their top of their voice as usual.

Technically, DOP Nirav Shah sets right mood for a racy action film. Yuvan’s songs are ordinary but compensates with impressive stylistic background score.  

On the downside, the editing by Anthony could have been tighter especially for a racy script like this. To add on, the bits on the USA groom looks forced and cliché. When many directors’s nowadays experimenting the character designs of their villains, Lingusamy’s antagonist character designs are too typical and annoying at most times.

In Overall ‘Vettai’ is not an innovative attempt certainly but a perfect entertainer for the festive period. The casting and screenplay saves the film but Lingusamy have to be aware about the changing times and urgently needs to update his style.

Verdict – 3/5


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