Casts: Vikram, Samantha, Pasupathy
Music: D. Imman, Anoop Seelin (BGM)
Language: Tamil
Genre: Action
Kollywood is experiencing a healthy transit to new age film making with young directors blooming with innovative ideas to entertain the audiences, there are also film makers who strive to keep the commercial cinema alive. ‘Chiyaan’ Vikram who is known for choosing performance-oriented scripts occasionally does go for commercial entertainers and 10 Endrathukulla will be one in his list. But will it be a winning one?

‘James Bond’ (Vikram), ‘Virat Kohli’, ‘Kamal Hassan’ or ‘Mani Ratnam’? As random as it sounds, the Vikram plays a driving instructor who is crazy for speed. Using that strength he also does odd smuggling jobs to save money for his comatose sister’s treatment. In midst of an assignment he kidnaps his driving student, Shakeela (Samantha) unknowingly in his car to hand over to Poornan Singh (Abhimanyu Singh). During the road trip they fall in love. How Bond tactically finds the answer for the deal and salvage Shakeela, forms the crux of the story.

Story Screenplay
We have been clearly informed through the promos on what to expect from this commercial entertainer. The film starts off with an interesting car chase that makes one sit and notice the way it has been executed.  The idea of ‘speed’ is set up very early in the film and the credit scene does make us sit up and take notice.

However, by the time it hits the interval, there are too much of logical hiccups and speed breakers that hinder the film’s original objective to give a racy film.  The director burdens the screenplay with clichés like sister sentiment, forced twists, insipid romance track and a totally misplaced item song. As we stagger through the narrative, we are bombarded with a climax twist that looks alien to whatever we have seen thus far and might give an effect as if we are seeing another film entirely. It will be a spoiler to reveal here but one will either love or hate the twist. The way the classic dialogue,“Athukum Mela” has been reiterated here is a definite sin too. It is quite disappointing to know that Vijay Milton who gave us a gem like ‘Goli Soda’ is the brainchild behind this.

On the brighter side, Vijay Milton has worked the dialogues on the spot for the film and has managed to get some crisp dialogues, especially from the lead pair. Pasupathy’s perplex character design is also interesting. The sub plots that happen along the road trip, is enjoyable as well.

If only the screenplay have been tied down to a focused state, the film might have delivered what it has aimed for.

Casting & Performance
10 EK is a piece of cake for Vikram has he sleepwalks his role with his dynamic charisma and physique.  His chemistry and antics with Samantha is thoroughly enjoyable. He tops it all with in his dedicated dangerous stunt sequences.

Samantha grabs her meaty role tightly and delivers with conviction. However her Tamil diction has scope to improve and her performance at the climax look worn off and contrived.

Pasupathy’s combos with Vikram always strike gold and 10EK is not an exception. He takes all the applause whenever he appears. A talented actor like him should be utilized more. Abhimanyu Singh as the main antagonist does his role relatively well too with his menacing look.

Vijay Milton has extracted realistic performances from all the artistes that have toned down this rather loud commercial flick.


Vijay Milton’s exhilarating camera work, tops the technical accolades of the film. His ‘risky’ angles and mounted shots make his fight and chase scenes more exciting for the eyes. Veteran editor, Sreekar Prasad, makes the ‘racy’ visuals more fast and furious. His work during the starting scene and climax brings us to the edge of our seat. Stunts by Supreme Sundar works wonders and should be definitely commended for his hard work.

Among D.Imman’s songs, “Vroom Vroom” rings in our ears post screening while “Aanalum Indha Mayakkam” hits our emotional nerves. On the flipside, Anoop Seelin’s BGM is excessive and loud. The tacky VFX is also another major downer in the film that has been used unnecessarily too.

Vikram solely drives this mindless commercial entertainer that has more speed breakers than fun

Rating:  2.5/5


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