Casts: Ajith Kumar, Lakshmi Menon, Shruthi Hassan, Soori, Kabir Singh, Rahul Dev, Ashwin
Music: Anirudh
Language: Tamil
Genre: Action Thriller
Siva-Ajith combination worked wonders during the massive Pongal 2014 release, ‘Veeram’ that registered Ajith’s name into family audiences after a long time. Expectations were sky high when this combo returned this Deepavali, promising the audience a ‘Masala’ feast for the festive season. Entering with a record-breaking teaser, Vedalam is undoubtedly the most anticipated film of the year among all film buffs. So did Vedalam managed to deliver a satisfying product?

Ganesh (Ajith), and his sister, Tamizh (Lakshmi Menon) migrates from Chennai to Kolkatta for their employment and studies respectively. Ganesh gets employed as a Taxi driver and leads a happy life with his sister. Ganesh’s loyal nature leads him to cross path with a terrorists gangs and he gets kidnapped. However, it is revealed that Ganesh is not as innocent or cowardly as he seems outside. The rest of the film is all about Ganesh’s past, his true identity and his dangerous, vengeful mission.

Story Screenplay
The film does not really offer us anything new with a ‘Baasha’ plot thread laced presented with a typical masala formula. Vedalam does not really go ambitious in its storyline but successfully entertains in every scene with a right amount of emotional sub plots. The film is packed with exciting sequences that flow quite smoothly making it very accessible product for all section of audiences. All have something to enjoy in the film.

What sticks out like a sore thumb is how Ajith is shown as fast as lightning, strong as the mountain (especially pre-interval scene) and a walking bullet proofed human. These could have been subtle and the makers might have got the same impact as well. Certain exaggeration might annoy general audiences. However Ajith’s physical transformation and excellent performance makes up for these irking factors. The comedy looks forced and loud while Shruthi Hassan’s character gets vanished after some time too. One might wonder the use of the character other than the ‘forced’ scene of her finding out the truth about Ajith’s past. The absence of ‘Therikavidalama’ scene (in this version) seriously hampers the film’s narrative by a large extent.  In addition, the climax looks choppy and rushed too.

Despite these regular flaws of a typical masala flick, director Siva has managed to inject a good message about women that will certainly strike chords with the family audiences. He also has laced the film with scenes that will never leave us bored at any moment. If ‘Veeram’ was Siva’s attempt to make Ajith gain back his family audience, ‘Vedalam’ is an important film that will ensure the versatile actor to leap towards another stage of Superstardom in Tamil Cinema.

Casting & Performance
Ajith’s screen presence is the biggest strength of the film. The way he portrays his vengeful spirit with his beasty expressions gives us Goosebumps.  ‘Vedalam’ avatar is really apt and the Chennai language uttered by Ajith is raw and yet stylistic. His two distinct looks are convincing and earnest. After Mankatha, Vedalam is another film that will be talked about for a long time due to his excellent performance.

Lakshmi Menon suits and impresses as the homely, ‘Thamizh’. Her acting is becoming more matured, controlled and assured in each film. Soori does makes his presence felt but due to the forced comedy track, it falls flat. Shruthi Hassan gets the most diluted character in her career with no aid to the narration whatsoever.

Rajendran, Vidyulekka, Ashwin and Kovai Sarala does an average job while Thambi Ramaiah impresses at parts.All the three villains do not make any impact due to their feeble characterization.

In a film where such a great performer like Ajith is present, it is quite natural for the threat of heavy dominance and that has what exactly happened in terms of characters and casting in Vedalam.


 Anirudh stands strong in the technical team with catchy songs and theme track that will make the audience in screams. He has captured the pulse of the current generation quote firmly and Vedalam will be another leap in his career to the big league. Cinematographer, Vetri’s grand visuals and Arial shots give a very rich and polished look to the masala flick. Especially in ‘Don’t you mess with me’ he brings us to another world away from Kolkata and Chennai.

Even though editor Ruben brings us in a speedy ride, the climax looks choppy and abrupt.

In overall, the technical team has worked well to bring this huge film to another scale with their tremendous teamwork.

Vedhalam is a typical 'masala flick' with an unambitious plot that works only for Ajith's terrific performance

Rating :  2.75/5


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