Critic - No.103

Director: F. Gray Gray
Casts:  Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, Michelle Rodriguez
Language: English
Genre: Action

Plot: The bond of the team is tested when Dom (Vin Diesel) is seduced by Cipher (Charlize Theron) into the dangerous world of terrorism.

When you enter the cinema to watch a Fast series, you will expect no less than exciting stunts, stylistically and graphic defying car chases. In other words, compete fun! Standing at its eighth part, many might have doubted the recurring concept and how it can sustain its fuel in the test of time. So how did the latest instalment fare?

If Fast 7 was an emotional ride, this one in the series tries to place the main man against his own team, increasing the stakes and the complicated story knots. One could easily guess the basic premise of the film, thanks to the over revealing promotional strategy. The film story is simple, good guy turns bad and the core team takes him on. But what make this film different from other hollow action blockbusters are the lunatic yet undeniably enjoyable stunt sequences that have been engineered into the premise tastefully.

The casting is the main appealing factor with handsome well built hunks Dwayne and Vin Diesel painstakingly working on the action scenes that will make any audience go gaga. Charlize Theron’s addition in the film is interesting as she adds on to the tension quite well with her subtle villainy. Shane Black’s puns hit the target most of the time and Michelle Rodriguez scores well with her complex character etch in this part.

Even though the film focuses on rebuilding the “family” element of the Dorm’s team, the over use of the word tends to become exhausting at times. The film’s emotional stake stops several times to go around the globe for stunt sequences that looks more like a strategy for an international appeal than a plot driver. 

Despite all the annoying ‘emotional’ scenes that look half hearted, the film gives viewers what they really expect and paying that ticket price to see. The franchise looks unstoppable at the moment but it will be interesting to see how it continues from here. Can it hold the steam? Time will tell. 

Despite its predictable and contrived nature, ‘The Fate of the Furious’ is another extravagant action flick in the Fast series that has some eye-popping bizarre moments for action lovers to feast on.




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