Aravaan (2012)



Director: Vasanthabalan
Casts: Aadhi, Pasupathy, Dhansika, Archana Kavi
Music: Karthik
Language: Tamil
Genre: Period Drama


Vasantha Balan’s Aravaan is a period piece set in the 18th century, surrounding the life of society who robs for living. Interesting premise with cleverly etched characters is supported heavily by polished details in the setting and costumes. The film starts off with an engrossing first half, but fails to keep that momentum at the second half, only to pick its pace at the climax.

Technically, cinematographer Siddharth have managed to bring the ancient feel to it by his earthy tones and Karthik’s musical debut is above average, but fumbles occasionally with repetitive tones of re-recording. Art Director

Aadhi and Pasupathy’s performance acts as a major strength of the film, literally saving the film’s middling screenplay at the second half. Dhanishka looks out of place with urban body language jarring out of the period piece. Some of the visual effects were well intended but looks rushed and cheesy. 

However, it is not fair to judge Vasantha Balan’s calibre with this film and Aravaan is certainly not a bad work. 


In overall, Aravaan is a well-intended period piece with some great performances to look out for.


Verdict: Substantial content, diluted by snail paced screenplay


Rating: 2.5



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