Kahaani (2012)

Director: Sujoy Ghosh
Casts: Viday Balan, Parambrata, Nawazuddin
Music: Vishal - Shekhar
Language: Hindi
Genre: Thriller

After having a decent record with Aladdin, Sujoy Ghosh is back with an edgy thriller and now with the current happening National award winner, Vidya Balan. With the promotions promising an emotional drama and Vidya Balan stating that her character in Kahaani is a milestone in her career, expectations were sky-high on this film. Does Kahaani sustain its interest generated in the pre talks?

Kahaani is a story of Vidya Bagchi (Vidya Balan) who travels to Kolkata from London in search of her missing husband who stopped contacting her from his workplace, National Data Centre. With the help of a police officer, Satyoki (Parambrata), she starts her search deep and to a rude shock, all claim that there is no such person. To make things worse, another person named, Milan Damji who has the same appearance as her husband is on the run from the police. Revealing more will be a spoiler, therefore it is safe to say that how all these event gets connected and whether Vidya finds her husband forms the crux of the story.

First of all, Kahaani gets you hooked at the very first scene and makes you travel emotionally with the characters. The screenplay is the biggest strength of Kahaani. The character designs are very well collaborated and Sujoy Ghosh touches some of the sensitivity of the corruption among the political circle. 

Vidya’s powerful portrayal of a mentally drained lady who laughs and jokes occasionally is something unique and interesting to watch. It also shows the emotional strength of the character in a very iconic way. The dialogues written by Sujoy Ghosh are crisp and witty at parts. Each scene is written in a very edgy way and makes us guess till the end. In no part we can ever imagine the pay back which is revealed at the climax.

Viday Balan is improving in each of her movie, kudos to her choice of movies which accelerates her career graph. In Kahaani, she gives a very balanced performance and transforms in the role fully. Kahaani is sure a good follow up to her national award winning performance in the Dirty Picture. Other casts Parambrata as the police officer is impressive and portrays in a likable manner. Nawazudin as the superior officer does his menacingly complex role, notably. In overall the whole casting team gives Kahaani an added strength.  

Technically, Kahaani is very well enhanced by Setu’s earthy tones of cinematography. Editor Namarta’s brief pacing aids the suspense factor of the film. Moreover, there are no dull moments/scenes in Kahaani.

Watch out for the last 20 minutes of the film which brings the existing quality of the film into a whole new level of experience. With masterful performance by Vidya, engaging twists and suspenseful screenplay, it will lure to watch it again.

Verdict: Kahaani is a tastefully executed film, for audiences who love edgy thrillers.

Rating : 4/5


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