Director: Pa. Ranjith
Casts: Dinesh, Nandhitha
Music: Santosh Narayanan
Language: Tamil
Genre: Romantic Comedy

Love is an oft-beat subject in Tamil Cinema but looking from the unique promotions and coming from a Venkat Prabhu’s assistant, Pa.Ranjith, one could expect a fresh treatment in this film.  Will Attakathi, a film containing full bunch of debutants, be able to join the list of sleeper hits of the year?

Dinakaran alias, Dina is an average looking, tutorial student who comes from a middle class family. Dina or as his friends call him, ‘Attakathi’ (Cardboard Knife) does not have any ambitions or aspirations in life, but chasing for love behind any girls he sees. But when you expect him to dread over a one side love, he just moves on casually to another girl. Constant failures pushes him to give up on love. Life takes a turn when he enters collage where he is being hailed as ‘Route Thala’, translated from a wimpy young man to a rough and tough collage.
But what happens when his old crush, Poornima (Nandhita) joins the same college as him. Will love blossom again?

Story Screenplay
The film’s main strength is the casual characterization and mood which it travels from start to end. It diverts away from the tired and tested formula of portraying one side love and gives us a practical love story laced with lots of situational comedy.
The coming of age feel has been brought out by the director very convincingly. There are many relatable scenes such as Dina standing at the footboard of the bus singing to woo the girls. To add on, Attakathi also injects an important message so subtly about moving on from a one side love without degrading the nature of real love.
On the flipside, Attakathi’s nature of screenplay does get tiring at times as many scenes looks repetitive. But Pa.Ranjith compensates with an apt climax which will ensure a smile on your face
In overall, Attakathi is a practical and fresh love story.

Casting & Performance
Dinesh as Dinakaran steals the show by such engrossing screen presence. Ten minutes into the film, he pulls the audience inside the film with such applicable portrayal. Be it Dina or ‘Route Thala’ he does it with finesse. No doubt, Dinesh is here to stay.
Nandhita as Poornima, has the perfect ‘girl next door’ look and she will definitely grow on us as the film progresses.
The entire bunch of newbies have been handled very well by the director which resulted in a fun fare entirely.


P.K. Varma’s cinematography (using DSLR) have captured the rural areas very beautifully with his earthy tones. The frames which are shot digitally looks and feels very realistic.

Music director, Santosh Narayanan’s unique sound is interesting to hear and he has his own distinctive style which stands out.

T.Ramalingam’s set design is praiseworthy as he brings the different time period so subtly realistic. His work is definitely a boost in aiding the film’s content.

Editor. Leo John Paul’s timing in cutting the comedy scenes brings out the situational wits effectively.

In overall, young bunch of new technicians, successfully give a different look and feel to a rural story.

Attakathi is certainly a new age love story told in a very refreshing manner which will not be a surprise if it creates a new trend of love stories in Kollywood.

Verdict: This ‘Attakathi’ will surely stick to your hearts
Rating:  3.5/5


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