Naan (2012)

Director: Jeeva Sankar
Casts: Vijay Anthony, Rupa Manjari, Anuya, Siddharth
Music: Vijay Anthony
Language: Tamil
Genre: Crime-Thriller

‘Naan’ is special as it marks the debut of music director Vijay Anthony in lead role. Besides being the producer, it is also significant as it also marks his 25th film as a composer. It is not so common to see a music director taking a hero avatar and therefore it have evoked much curiosity among the film circle. So does ‘Naan’ live up to the hype?

‘Naan’ tells a story of a boy named Karthik (Vijay Anthony) who kills his mother after witnessing an affair with a policeman in his house. He enters the boys’ home and becomes a reformed man when he is released. 

However, things get heated up when he is stuck in a bus accident. He takes up a dead man’s identity and makes it is own due to the denial in society. He joins a medical college and meets Ashok. Life travels smoothly for Karthik until his real identity starts to get washed out slowly.

The film travels in a relatively fast pace and the twists and turns of the film is very well weaved creating the right mood for a crime thriller. The first half especially is coloured well with suspense at every scene and creates a nail biting experience. However the second half becomes unfortunately predictable but the set up created makes the film in whole a well-paced thriller with unique premise.  Though, the illogical points at the climax does dampen the spirit of the film.  

Vijay Anthony gets a meaty role and does a good job for a debut. He has underplayed his role and the result is good. However at some parts he could be more versatile with his emotion. Siddarth of ‘Aanandha Thaandavam’ looks fresh and excels in his given role. Rupa have come up with a decent show while Anuya and Vibha have nothing much to showcase.  The casting of the film is just right and well collaborated.

The technical aspect of ‘Naan’ have really elevated the strong premise one step higher. First of all I would say that editor Surya’s fast paced cuts is a major element of the film making the sleek trailer even more engaging. It is definitely a plus that director Jeeva Shankar also have handled the camera work for the film as it only intensifies the vision of the maker. The high contrast lighting at the night scenes suits the mood at the second half. Vijay Anthony has focused more on the background score rather than the soundtracks as none of the songs meets the above average mark. However in overall the technical team have painted the thriller with the right colour.

‘Naan’ may not be a milestone of crime thrillers but a decent show by the debutant Jeeva Shankar which is worth the watch.

Verdict: ‘Naan’ is a well-paced crime thriller with exciting twists and turns.

Rating: 3/5


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