Director: Prabhakaran
Casts: M.Sasikumar (also producer), Lakshmi Menon, Soori
N. R. Raghunanthan
Language: Tamil
Genre: Romantic Comedy

Sasikumar is one of the recent gems of Tamil Cinema who strongly believes on films which highlights reality and at the same time entertains. As a director and a producer, he has brought in several quality films such as, Subramaniapuram, Pasanga, Nadodigal, Porali and now Sundarapandian as an actor. However, Sasikumar have kept the marketing low profile this time and have decided for his product to speak for itself. So will Sundarapandian break the barriers and prove to be a sleeper hit?


Set in the rural milieu, the film revolves around Sundarapandian (M.Sasikumar), a happy go lucky guy who is always seen with his fun loving friends. One day one of his friends asks him a favour to woo a girl named, Archana (Laksmi Menon) whom he sees in the bus every day. 
After a series of comical incidents and attempts, the story turns around to a surprise mode when Sundarapandian and Archana get together instead. But the real shock starts from then onwards and takes us to a climax which proves to be an absolute stunner. 

Story Screenplay

The film’s director, Prabhakaran, grabs his story tightly and never deviates. The character design, screenplay and the unconditional twists he sparkles on it, proves the ease and confidence of the new comer. Be it the mass introduction of Sasikumar, the sparkles of humour at serious points, cross teasing of married women shows what the director wanted the film to shape up to be and gives us a satisfaction when the film ends.
Even though majority of the first half travels in the bus, at not even one moment, we feel bored due to the witty but clever one liner by Soori, countered by Sasi. The twists and the turns were well maintained which gives the climax the punch it deserves.
The film’s main strength is that it never compromises or doubts the texture of the nativity. The small details of the village’s custom and the people, highlights reality in a rib-tickling way, but keeps the story engaging.

Casting & Performance
Obviously, it’s Sasikumar’s show all the way. He carries the film on his shoulder and emotes relevantly. With his new trimmed look, he shines with confidence and it is one of the main pluses of the film. Lakshmi Menon is not too far though, proving her calibre in her very first film. All eyes are on Kumki now, waiting for this new talent to shine again. Next prominent actor, who is one of the biggest strength for this rom-com, is Soori. He has given his best as yet and walks away with applause at every scene he appears, with his antics.
The film consists of a big casting team and everyone has given their best. Conclusively, director Prabahkaran should be acclaimed for giving each and every one of them a prominent role and make each character be an impact to the story, again symbolising the reality.


Technicality wise, Sundarapandian offers sufficient for a simple rom-com set in a village. Not much of experimenting have been done here, nor given any space for sloppiness. For example, Premkumar’s cinematography is simple yet catchy as it flows with the necessity of the film. Thenmerku Paruvakatru fame, N. R. Raghunanthan’s music is good and supports the mass effect intended.
In overall, a technical team which proves that simplicity is rich.

Director, Prabhakaran have taken a simple story have presented it in a big way with the support of talented actors and a neat screenplay. The film stays honest to itself throughout, coming out as a decent, engaging romantic comedy.

Verdict: Sundarapandian is simple yet a catchy, honest attempt.

Rating: 3.5/5


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