Director: A.L. Vijay
Casts: Vikram, Anushka, Amy Jackson, Jagapathi Babu
Music: G.V.Prakash
Language: Tamil
Genre: Action Thriller

When an experimental upcoming director Vijay was given a versatile veteran like Vikram, it got translated into a gem in form of ‘Deivathirumagal’. This passionate combo have joined hands again for an action thriller, Thandavam and the much talked about echolocation concept have already grabbed the attention of the cine buffs especially when supported by strong technicians like G.V Prakash and Nirav Shah, who wouldn’t be? So will the magic of their maiden venture be recreated? 


It will be a sin as a reviewer to leak too much of the plot line of a film like this which has edgy twists now and then. To just give a surface of the story, Thandavam set in London, opens up with a murder by a blind man, Kenny (Vikram) which activates the investigating officers led by the police officer Veerakathi Pillai (Naasar). Meanwhile Sarah Vinayagam (Amy Jackson) a British-born Indian girl develops a soft corner for Kenny who delights the church people by his soulful piano skills. However, Sarah’s love for Kenny reminds him of his dark past which plays a vital connection for the serial murders. The film then intercuts parallel with his 
flashback, slowly connecting the missing pieces of the concealed mystery.  

Story Screenplay

Vijay always crafts his screenplay with unhurried pace revealing the texture of his character and the intention of his story clearly. He has done that here too. In fact he has packed romance, friendship, natural comedy, thriller and action in 2 and half hours which has diluted the thrilling effect somehow. 

However, there is no right or wrong here, but Thandavam surely has its heart on the right place. The romantic tracks between Anushka and Vikram is surely the best thing to take away from the film whereas, Amy Jackson’s character looks forced but forgivable as it proved to be a catalyst of the screenplay.
The character of Jagupathi Babu also surprisingly ends up as the weakest point for the film.

Nevertheless, Vijay also have got his logics on place nothing sticks out as sore thumb at any moment. However the echolocation concept sounds more believable than seeing it. The screenplay also gets predictable towards the end due to the pace.
In overall, this might not be Vijay’s best storytelling but a great experimental screenwriting.

Casting & Performance

Vikram have done well in the given role. His subtle emotions and romantic expressions at the flashbacks sure bring the memory of Vikram in his earlier works. Anushka, even with a limited screen space, steals the show and stamps her character’s depth in the viewer’s mind throughout the film, which shows the calibre of the actress. Amy Jackson continues from where she left from Madrasapatinam. Her Tamil lip syncing looks better but has a big room for improvement in her emotions. Santhanam rocks as usual with subtle situational comedy which does eases the tension of the film. 

Other casts such as Naasar is good whereas Jagupathi Babu disappoints with such a feeble character.

In overall, Vikram and Anushka have carried the film of their shoulder.


Boasting with the same technical team of Madrasapatinam and Deivathirumagal, Thandavam provides astonishing visuals which is always an extra supplement for any action thriller. Nirav Shah captures provides two good contrasting way of camera work for the present and the flash back scenes. The action sequences are also well shot highlighting the details of the stunts well. G.V.Prakash’s music is enchanting and the visuals directed by Vijay are simple yet it touches. 

However the placement of the songs in such a thriller could have been better.
Anthony’s cuts are becoming too lenient nowadays and it gets continued here too, though it could be the decision of the Vijay to keep things measured.

Thandavam might not be a rapid paced thriller but one with the heart and soul on the right place. Vijay continues to awe us by giving yet another commercial film without any cheap gimmick.  It might not be his best but Thandavam is sure a quality product with lovable visuals and soulful music.

Rating: 3/5


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