Director: K.S. Manikandan
Casts: Santhanam, ‘Power Star’ Dr. Srinivasan, Sethu, Vishaka
Music: S.Thaman
Language: Tamil
Genre: Romantic Comedy


Even big films had a surprise startle when this film confirmed its release for this Pongal, mainly because of the winning streak of comedies recently. On top of that, the current superstar of comedy, Santhanam having an interesting combo with Power Star is no doubt the main USP of KLTA. With the trailers and promo garnering stupendous response among the audience, will Santhanam’s risky gamble (as a producer this time), strike victory?


KLTA nods to the circulating rumours that it is an remake of K.Baghiaraj’s yesteryear hit Indru Poi Naalai Vaa, with just touching up and tweaking certain parts of the screenplay. Three friends, KK (Santhanam), Power (Power Star) and Shiva (Sethu) are thick friends who pass their time by drinking and flirting with any girls they are attracted to. However norm gets a flip when Sowmya and her family move in to the neighbourhood. Three of them fall in love with Sowmiya and they challenge each other to woo the girl and marry her. Who will prevail?

Story Screenplay

Even though KLTA is a remake, it has its own distinctive touch with its modernized presentation. The film is well treated with the right ingredients of comedy given in the right quantity. Co-written by Santhanam, the film emerges as a well-paced comedy with every single scene having a blasting comic payback.

The film carries a big bunch of characters and each character has been designed very meticulously. Therefore, when each character is gradually exposed, the collective strength of humour works big time. Comedy works when innovation and pay backs are convincingly placed in the screenplay.

Even though KLTA has nothing new to offer, it offer 2 hours of solid comedy as promised.

Casting & Performance

When it comes to casting, KLTA has a huge list of power house performers adding credit to it. Santhanam not only has a producer, but has actor and writer emerges as a clear winner among the all. As we know that the film is produced by him, we can truly see how much effort this man have put in to make the film a classic comedy and gladly, it has ended as how he has envisioned. 

As KK, he has cake walked entirely. Especially during the romantic scenes, his subtle yet spoof liked body language is awesome.

Next is Power Star. Many might have doubted the decision of Santhanam when he chose him; many would have thrown insults when Power Star said that he has 50 lacks fans in India. But this man has thrashed all the criticism by coming with a spectacular combo with Santhanam. As quoted from the heroines dialogue, Power Star have indeed translated his negatives into positive by this film and have been gaining thunderous response all over the Indian cine buffs who have watched KLTA.

Debutant Sethu have tried but eventually gets overshadowed by the big assemble of cast. Whereas, Vishaka, after a long break have given a decent entry.

Other casts such as VTV Ganesh, Sivashaker and Kovai Sarala rocks as usual with a seasoned presence. In addition, the entire junior artistes and debutant clans have put up an impressive show too. The cameos of Gautham Menon and Simbhu give an extra punch to the film as it races towards the climax.

In overall, K.S Manikanden have well collated the casting team which results as the main strength of the film.


Cinematographer Balasubramanium’s camera as usual gives a very rich and right look to the film. He has a great balance of colour tones at each segment (e.g. actual story, songs, climax) of the film.  Kudos to art director Vana Ra,j for aiding the colourful theme of the film through his vibrant sets and costumes.

Thaman’s cheery and cheeky tune presents the scenes with more impact. From half a dozen of the songs, ‘Hey Unnathan’, ‘KLTA theme’ and ‘Love Letter’ are beautifully captured and placed well in the film.

Even though KLTA is not a technically demanding film, no compromises have made whatsoever in the technical department. Bright content gets even brighter with polished treatment.



In overall KLTA emerges as the clear winner of this year’s Pongal. Even though KLTA might be a remake and contain a wafer thin premise, it has its own distinctive touch with a well-paced screenplay, excellently timed dialogues and well assembled casting.

Verdict: Excellent treat for this Pongal!

Rating:  3.5/5


  1. Magesvari Letchimanan14 January 2013 at 12:04

    Starting this year Pongal with a great comedy.


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