SAMAR (2013)


Director: Thiru
Casts: Vishal, Trisha, Sunaina, J.D Chakravarthy
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Language: Tamil
Genre: Action- Thriller


Thriller is never an easy genre to conceive convincingly especially when there’s a need to hold the audiences’ attention from start to finish. After tasting a moderate success with the fun filled Theeratha Vilayatu Pillai, director Thiru have joined hands with Vishal once again. With Yuvan’s album failing to impress, Samar opened with a mediocre impression, falling behind the other two Pongal releases in pre talks. So will Samar display a ‘tortoise and hare’ act by proving otherwise?   


Shakthi (Vishal) a forest trekker is always busy with his work and often fails to pay sufficient attention to his girlfriend, Roopa (Sunaina). When things hit a peak, Roopa decided to break up with Shakthi. When Shakthi starts to dwell in sorrow, unable to forget Roopa, he receives a courier from her, inviting him to Bangkok to reunite with him. Enlightened with that news, Shakthi flies to Bangkok where he also gains the friendship of Maya while travelling. Unfortunately, Roopa fails to turn up and Shakthi decides to wait at the park each day believing that she will turn up.

However things start to flip when Shakthi is being chased by a mafia gang one day and gets saved by another group of businessmen who claims him as their boss. What is happening around him and is Shakthi really the person who everyone claims him to be?

Story Screenplay

Thiru have decided to go serious throughout and never deviates from the main plot at any point of the film. This makes Samar an honest attempt as a dedicated thriller.

The first half of the film sets the pace early and it gets bigger and bigger as the film unveils. The set ups make us guessing what could be the big piece of the puzzle. Thiru have managed to hold the audiences’ attention by packing the screenplay with unpredictable twists and turns. When you are guessing that this might be the reason, he shifts the gear and gives us another. This puzzle like structure is the biggest strength of the film.

Every character has a purpose in the film which drives the mystery further and ends with a bang. Thiru have decided to make this more realistic and subtle, contrasting from his previous venture. His maturity is clearly evident in this film

On the flip side, when the knots are untied, one might get the feel that the driving source could have been more convincing. The big set ups might also be the reason for the unsatisfied feel at the 2nd half.

Other than that, Samar is a neat, intelligent thriller.

Casting & Performance

Vishal scores big with Samar, with an underplayed performance, which we have been missing since Chellame. His subtle dialogue delivery, dedicated action sequences and emotional scenes are sure a big strength for the film to work as it trails from the perspective of his character. No doubt this is his best performance out of his list of commercial films.

Trisha gets a meaty role and fully utilizes it. As a seasoned performer, she has given a solid support to Vishal. Kudos to her effort to dub for herself but her rendition at times, looks forced.

Sunaina’s extended cameo is average while the villain duo JD and Manoj are apt as eccentric businessmen. 

In overall, the full list of cast has been picked carefully which results in power house performances.


Technically, Samar gets aided well with talented bunch of technicians.

Firstly D.O.P Richard has given a sleek look with his stylistic angles. His camera travels as an emotional enhancement at each part of the film and his angles support the necessary moods needed.  

Same goes for Editor Ruben who has tried his best to cut the film and package it in international standards.

Art direction by Jacki is also a big support for Thiru to make the film a sleek thriller. The sets and costumes give a perfect illustration of the rich circle of Bangkok.

However, after displaying a fine show in Poda Podi, Dharan’s BGM have fallen flat big time. Most of it sound loud which seems like a gimmick to enhance the mystery. As the film gives limited space for songs, Yuvan’s album does not make any impact too.  

In overall, other than the music department, the technical department have given an apt colour to this sleek thriller.


With excellent set ups, intelligently packed twists and sleek treatment, Samar results in a neat action thriller which excites till it last.

Verdict:  An honest, edge of the seat thriller

Rating: 3/5


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