Aarambam (2013) Film Review

Director: Vishnu Vardhan
Casts: Ajith Kumar, Arya, Nayanthara, Tapsee
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Language: Tamil
Genre: Action

There has been Himalayan hype about Ajith’s 53rd film from the day it was announced and its absolutely redundant to question why. Compromising the 2007 blockbuster Billa’s team, ‘Aarambam’ instantly became the most anticipated film of the year. Already known for his humungous openings, will ‘Thala’ Ajith-Vishnu combination be able to break the revenue records of Kollywood this Deepavali? 

Right from the first frame, Ashok (Ajith Kumar) is established a vicious bomber partnered with Maya (Nayanthara) set on a serious mission against the government. He kidnaps Arjun (Arya), a computer network expert to aid in his plan keeping his girlfriend. When Ashok nears his goal, Arya foils his plan by getting him arrested by the police. However, Maya reveals that Ashok has a strong, dark reason for his mission.

Story – Screenplay
We have to admit that ‘Aarambam’ story is old as a hill and Vishnu has tried his best to captivate the audience with his technical excellence. The film starts off strongly with a question lingering in our mind on why is Ajith bombing the cities. As the film unfolds, it starts to lag in pace needed for an action thriller. The Arya-Tapsee episode even though does not move the screenplay forward in any case, manages to entertain. Definitely the highest point of the film is the interval, which stamps a curiosity in anyone watching it.

However, when it reaches the second half, the predictability of the story becomes a major dampener.  Especially when Nayanthara narrates the flashback, it becomes too obvious on what is unfolding next till the end.  In addition, with a little content present, Aarambam meanders around it which results in few dull moments.

All said, Aarambam’s sleek presentation and Suba’s thoughtful yet stylish dialogues make it a celebration for Ajith fans and a worthy watch for those who are not.

Casting & Performance
Ajith’s gigantic charisma is no doubt the biggest strength of the film and Vishnu capitalizes on it perfectly. He dances, acts and plays his stunt marvelously, entertaining in each scene with his sheer brilliance.

Arya cakewalks his role and gives the film a light shade with his insouciance. Nayanthara plays a serious role with great precision; way different from regular glam girl roles she has done previously.

On the other hand, Tapsee suits her ‘drama queen’ role well but becomes annoying and cliché at times.

Rana and Kishore put up a good show in their assigned scenes but one might feel that they could have been utilized more taking their caliber in consideration.

Vishnu Vardhan is known for his sleek presentation and racy screenplay. He is one of the prominent directors in current industry, who knows how to create a technically inclined film without its compactness overshadowing the main plot.

Firstly its Om Prakash’s visual magic he creates giving two different colours for the present plot and the flashback. The frequent use of lens flares and slow speed frames gives Aarambam a glossy look. Each songs of the film are shot innovatively, increasing the engaging factors of the film.

Yuvan’s songs are catchy and gel with the mood of the film. ‘Adada Arambame’ and ‘Stylish Tamizhachi’ are sure shot visual treat. However the opening song of the film looks forced and abrupt, coming up without any purpose. His BGM create the intended goose bumps at times but sometimes sound repetitive.

Sreekar Prasad’s cuts are crisp and fast paced which exactly what is needed for an engaging thriller.  However the CGI effects at many scenes look very amateurish spoiling the exuberance of the visuals.  Anu Vardhan’s trendy designs give each character a unique touch, relating with their personality.

Aarambam might not be an exhilarating thriller like Billa, but definitely worth a watch for Ajith’s immense screen presence and Vishnu’s ever astounding technical eye.

Verdict:  Make it simple, its ‘Thala’ Deepavali

Rating:  3/5



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