Director: Kiruthiga Udhayanidhi
Casts: Shiva, Priya Anand, Santhanam
Anirudh Ravichandar
Language: Tamil
Genre: Romantic Comedy

Female directors are quite a rare instance in Tamil Cinema but most of such never fail to create a different ripple in storytelling. Vanakkam Chennai have created a tremendous pre talk, thanks to Anirudh’s scintillating album and innovative marketing strategies.  So will Kiruthiga Udhayanidhi will capitalize that success and craft a rom-com with a fresh perspective?

Ajay (Shiva) from Theni and Anjali (Priya Anand) from London get tangled in Chennai through a falsely sold apartment by a crook, Narayanan (Sanathanam). As they face immense challenge living in one roof due to their extremes at start, predictably they start to grow a soft corner for each other.  To stir up the complexity, Anjali’s fiancĂ© Deepak (Rahul) return from London.

Story Screenplay
Kiruthiga’s attempt in creating a feel good romantic film succeeds at most parts due to the sparkling chemistry of the lead pair and the vibrant treatment that has been consistently sustained till the end. Her good flare in dialogue writing makes sure that each scene flows smoothly with much realism sustained.

On the other end, the predictability of the film flies high from the time the concept of village boy meeting a London NRI get introduced and sadly flows through without many variation.  In addition, Vanakkam Chennai’s screenplay meanders at many parts and by the time it reaches the climax, it starts to test the patience of the audiences even though the ending is highly predictable.

Moreover, many irrelevant characters such as Rosy Aunty are added in the film that does not aid in the proceeding or twists.

However, Kiruthiga’s sharp direction and her handling of casts are quite competent. Despite a few slip-ups, Vanakkam Chennai manages to entertain due to its vibrancy sustained throughout the entire film.

Casting & Performance
Shiva does a tremendous job in enacting his witty role and continues to do what he is good at. His wisecracks as usual are rib tickling which gives the 1st half a big boost. 
The dramatic developments at the second half enable Priya Anand to deliver a seasoned performance and steal the show among the lead pair. No doubt it’s her best performance till date.

Santhanam who arrives in the film just before the interval, manages to give a different colour to the tom & jerry nature of the film. As usual, he brings the roof down with his excellent counters.

Other casts such as Oorvasi, Mano Bala, Nasser and Renuka along with the likes of Black Pandi, Aarthi, Swaminathan and Rajkumar do lighten up the proceedings by their appearances. However one might feel that this string of talented actors could have been utilized further.

Technical department is one section that Vankkam Chennai scores distinction with its immense vibrancy.

Firstly it is Richard M. Nathan’s clean visuals, which arrests the mind and heart right from the start. Especially during the song sequences, he captures the emotional objective of each one of them.  It has to be mentioned that the set designs and art direction have been tastefully done especially in songs ‘Oh Penne’ and ‘Engadi Poranthe’.

T.S.Suresh’s cuts are as usual crisp and there is no doubt that he is one fine editor in the industry who knows how to excellently lace humour with just straight cuts.

Last but not the least is Anirudh’s tremendous BGMs and songs, which just pushes the whole film into a whole different graph. The fine use of piano at the second half lingering in the tune of ‘Oh Penne’, will surely stir your heart.

Despite its meandering screenplay, ‘Vanakkam Chennai’ manages to entertain, thanks to the sparkling lead pair and the technically majestic crew.

Verdict: Vibrant
Rating:  3/5


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