PASANGA 2 (2015)

PASANGA 2 (2015)

Director: Pandiraj
Casts: Master Nishesh, Baby Vaishnavi, Surya, Amala Paul , Karthik Kumar, Bindhu Madhavi, Ramdoss, Vidya Pradheep
Music: Arrol Corelli
Language: Tamil
Genre: Comedy
Coming into the industry with an impressive debut ‘Pasanga’, Pandiraj churned out many meaningful entertainers in a short span of time in the industry. He has also funded two good films, giving fresh filmmakers an opportunity too. The National Award winner returns back after two years with a fitting sequel of his first jewel. With Surya producing the film, the promos have already won the hearts of many. So did ‘Pasanga 2’ manage to do what its predecessor did 6 years ago?

The film revolves around two kids, Kavin (Nishesh) and Nayana (Vaishnavi), who have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Subsequently, their hyperactivity brings trouble to their respective parents (Karthik Kumar-Bindhu Madhavi and Ramdoss-Vidya Pradeep). Being rejected by different schools, the parents consult different doctors who label their kids with different mental conditions. One fine day when things get out of hand, they decide to put their kids in hostel. What happens next forms the crux of the film.

Story Screenplay
Pandiraj has mastered the ability to bring us to the world of kids and immerse us into their innovative, colourful view of things around them. Right from the start where we are shown that an obese boy who gets last in a race is awarded the best runner to motivate him in life, Pandiraj injects his maiden touch. These unique touch flows through the screenplay and you can never take your eyes from the day-to-day antics by the two lead kids! He sets up quite strongly and then by the time it hits the interval we are taken to the first step of the message of treating ADHD children.

The pay back at second half with Amala Paul and Surya, adds more depth to story as well. The misunderstanding of ‘hyperactivity’ of children is stamped very hard as the film progresses before ending with a simple yet an emotional climax sequence. Like his previous films, Pandiraj’s dialogues are witty, thoughtful and hard hitting,

On the flipside, the film has its sprinkles of melodrama in the screenplay that might look preachy at certain times where Surya utters long messages about parenting. From the starting scene, we could somehow predict how the film is going to progress and end too. Despite all these, ‘Pasanga 2’ evokes the right emotions and thoughts when we leave the cinema hall, thanks to Pandiraj’s engaging, intelligent screenplay.

Casting & Performance
The two lead stars, Nishesh and Vaishnavi are definite scene-stealers showing no signs of a debutant in any of the scene. Be it dialogues, emotions or screen presence, this duo has done an excellent job!

Karthik, Bindhu Madhavi, Vidya and Ramdoss as parents have also given a neat performance with Ramdoss scoring the most with his natural, underplayed humour.

Surya and Amala Paul who enter the film just before the interval, are perfect ambassadors to carry the audience with the messages Pandiraj has crafted for them. However, Surya looks a little artificial at times due to the preachy long dialogues he churns out in the film. All said, kudos to the actor with such a big star status to essay such a role. He is definitely an inspiration for other current generation actors.


Balasubramanium’s colourful visuals and Praveen KL’s crisp cuts are also an added strength to the film that makes the proceeding more engaging.

Arrol Corelli’s music gels really well with the screenplay till it becomes invisible after a point of time. As the film progresses, the music becomes another character in the story.

'Pasanga 2' is a genuinely made fun, children flick that educates and entertains very effectively.

Rating :  3.5/5


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