Casts: Dhanush, Samantha, Amy Jackson, K.S.Ravikumar, Radhika, Satish
Music: Anirudh
Language: Tamil
Genre: Family Drama
Vellai Illa Pattathari (VIP), was a film that came at the right time of the career of Dhanush that turned out to be a memorable blockbuster. When the same team consisting the actor, director, music composer and banner unite once again, the expectations will be definitely sky high. You can never blame the audience too if they make comparisons as the team initially announced it as VIP 2. Surprisingly with a toned down muted promotions, Thanga Magan has finally released today. So did the film fulfil the expecations?

Thamizh (Dhanush) is a carefree youngster spends his time with his loving parents (K.S.Ravikumar & Radhika) and his best friend (Satish). He falls in love with a Hema (Amy Jackson) living in his colony. As life travels like a dream, reality kicks in when Hema and Thamizh gets separated. Just as Thamizh picks up from the hit, his family faces an unforeseen tragedy that destroys all peace.  How does Thamizh faces the problem forms the crux of the story.

Story Screenplay
Velraj have definitely mastered the craft of portraying the scene of middle class family, their happiness and common problems. The main highlight of the film is the tiny bits of scenarios he covers in a family that will certainly be relatable to the audience.  The breezy first half is the biggest strength of the film that shows different types of romance.; young man’s love and matured, family man’s love. Velraj’s magic is that he keeps his romantic angles practical but dreamy at the same time. 

In addition, Satish-Dhanush combination is a scream. Dialogues are another plus to this simple, wafer thin story. However, the punch dialogues sounds misplaced and forced that dilutes the seriousness of the subject or message they are intending to deliver. Minus that Velraj should be given a pat for giving us a film that stays true to its ‘family drama’ genre without any filmic or exaggerated scenes to glorify the hero.

The second half also meanders around with a simple thread. The antagonist (or rather comedian) does not really the help the proceeding as well.  One might feel that if only the struggles and antagonist are stronger, we would have emphasized with Dhanush who easily win all odds throughout the film. The dull or rather muted second half sticks like a sore thumb when we leave the cinema hall.

All said, Thanga Magan has relatable, neat story that have all ingredients to satisfy all ages.

Casting & Performance
Dhanush does not need to prove to anyone that he is a talented actor. Thamizh role is a cakewalk for this National Award winner and the transition he shows through his physique, make up and even voice for different time period in the film, is noteworthy.

Amy Jackson shines the most between the two lead ladies with an improved Tamil lip sync and confident performance. Watch out for the drinking scene where she outshines Dhanush. Actress Andrea who has dubbed for her should be commended too.

Samantha looks convincing as the homely wife and does well in her limited character. Even though we might feel that Radhika Sarathkumar could have been used better knowing her calibre, she has done justice to her role. Satish-Dhanush chemistry is a definite scream. Like what Dhanush utters frequently in the film “Nowadays your comedy timing is becoming good”, we would like to praise this fast growing comedian too.

Popular director K.S.Ravikumar is undoubtedly the surprising package of the film as he garners all our applause as the ‘confused’ father in the film. Without his character, the story won’t exist. Perfect fit! Revealing more will be a sinful spoiler, so we would like to stop here. Nevertheless, kudos to his excellent performance.

Adith as the antagonist is feeble in all ways due to his character design. Velraj might have thought that comedy-villain (Amul Baby) concept will work as it did in VIP but Thanga Magan lacked what VIP had, the deep, painful struggling situations that intensified the film.


Velraj’s technical team has delivered what is apt and necessary for the film.

A.Kumaran, Velraj’s former assistant has done a great job with unconventional angles to shoot the story. If Velraj has written the screenplay, this new cinematographer has tried to enhance it through his visual storytelling too.

Vijay Murugan’s art direction needs special mention as he brings the middle class lifestyle so accurate with a tinge of warmth. The colours used “Oh…Oh” song is visually pleasing, trendy and striking.

Anirudh’s songs are placed nicely in the film as a narrative transition. His songs are apt and we can see that he has toned down to suit the story. However, the BGMs are a little loud and it is puzzling at times where “heavy metal” music is used for such a warm, realistic film.

Editor Rajesh Kumar’s cut is another major plus for the film as it flows very smoothly and looks crisp with a running time of just 2 hours.

Despite the unconvincing second half, 'Thanga Magan' is a decent family friendly flick that entertains at most parts

Rating :  3/5


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