GETHU (2016)

GETHU (2016)

Casts: Udhayanidhi Stalin, Amy Jackson, Sathyaraj, Karunakaran, Vikranth
Music: Harris Jeyraj
Language: Tamil
Genre: Action thriller
Even after three films. producer-turned-actor Udhayanidhi Stalin, was not taken seriously by the cine audience as a complete actor. After a series of comedy entertainers, the actor has stepped up his game with a revamp of his look for this action thriller directed by ‘Maan Karate’ fame, Thirukumaran. Will this make over succeed? Will director Thirukumaran churn out another hit after a flying start to his career?

Gethu’s story is not as complex as promoted. The film starts with a simple thread of mission of a sniper, David Christopher (Vikranth) who wants to kill a scientist named, Dr. Adbul Kamaal. On the other end lives Sethu (Udhayanidhi) peacefully with his family. Eventually these two tracks converge and Sethu’s dad Thulasi Raman (Sathyaraj) is pulled into the murder case of the scientist. How Sethu strives to clear his dad’s name forms the crux of the story.

Story Screenplay
Similar to ‘Maan Karate’, director Thiukumaran has once again come up with an interesting concept of sniper and assassination. He shows real finesse in creating good atmosphere of thrill and exhilarating action scenes. But is visual exuberance only enough to sustain as an engaging thriller?

The main problem with ‘Gethu’ is that it works more on the thrilling environment rather than the content. The slow-mo walking scenes and Vikranth’s 30-second stare to the audiences are clearly director’s decision to play with the intensity. Does it work? Clearly no. Instead if Thirukumaran have worked more on the stakes of the Sethu’s character, the film might be inclined in emotions. The entire first half is wasted with a romance track that looks seriously misplaced. Does it work? Again, no!

Therefore, by the time the film stumbles past its barriers towards the climax, the audience gets disconnected from the story and Thirukumaran loses his grip on the plot.

Casting & Performance
Udhayanidhi looks toned and confident with a revamped look. He has improved in emotional scenes but might need some work on dance and stunts. Other than that, we can certainly see a refreshing performance from Udhayanidhi.

Amy Jackson looks a million dollar in the film but again dons a typecast ‘Iyangar’ (Brahmin) Tamil girl in the film. Convincing? I will leave it up to the audiences to decide. Sathayraj is the biggest asset in the film and veteran shines with experience. Probably the only character we might invest our emotions on. We do see traces of Vikranth’s acting prowess but it gets diluted due to weak characterization.


Thirukumaran’s technical team is the best thing that happened for Gethu and Sukumar’s camera work, tops the list. He arresting visuals and locales are sheer pleasant to the eye. The stunts in the action block gives the ‘mass’ impact at times to this self claimed ‘class’ film.

Harris Jeyraj’s songs are mixed bag while the BGM is loud. The extremely talented music composer disappoints once again with his insipid work.

Arresting visuals and sleek treatment couldn't save this uninspired, dreary thriller.

Rating:  2.5/5


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