Casts: Sasikumar, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, G.M.Kumar, R.K.Suresh
Music: ‘Hip Hop’ Thamiza
Language: Tamil
Genre: Action thriller

Known for his light-hearted stories, National Award winner, director Pandiraj will be diving into a new genre of action for the film time. Despite being a commercial entertainer, one can expect a trademark racy screenplay from Pandiraj. Based on a true story, will “Kathakali” emerge as the sleeper hit of the Pongal race. Let’s see.
An influential, deadly don, Tamba (Madhusudhan Rao) is killed brutally one day and all fingers and witness points to Amudhavel (Vishal) who runs for his life to clear his name and save his family in one night.
Story Screenplay
The film’s main strength is the believable story. The plot doesn’t hit into any unnecessary bumpers or deviate from its main conflict. With just two songs, the screenplay is tightly intact. Till the end, ‘Kathakali’ makes you guess who is the real killer and when you are pushed into the comfort zone of revelation, Pandiraj strikes you with another twist.

However, the plot’s precious 1-hour investment in the romance track is puzzling, especially when it doesn’t pay off at all. In fact, Catherine Threasa’s character gets dispersed after a while into second half. Even though, the plot is racy, too many twists do make the proceeding a little too exhausting to take in.

In overall, the film’s exploration into betrayal, revenge and underworld is interesting to watch but not as edgy as the story deserves to be.

Casting & Performance
Vishal is one actor who any director can bank in for their action story. He is tough and convincing to carry out exhilarating stunts, giving an immersive cinematic experience.

After making an impressive debut in ‘Madras’, Catherine Threasa displays several brilliant moments through her realistic yet cute expressions. However, she lacks the scope for us to really engage with the character.

Karunas and his wife Grace team up to enthral the audience with their wisecracks and the episode on spoofing the Facebook sensation, ‘Kalpana Akka’. Certainly refreshing!

Despite his brief role, ‘Goli Soda’ fame Madhusudhan as the murdered don, is impressive with his underplay.


Balasubramanium has become one of the upcoming gem of visuals in Indian cinema with his great degree of versatility. Known for his colourful visuals, in ‘Kathakali’, he has played with many Dutch angles and lens flair to express the uneasiness of the thrilling plot.

With a running time of about 2 hours, editor Pradeep keeps the cut fast and crisp, supplementing the thrilling screenplay. Hip Hop Thamizha’s songs are catchy and timely. But it’s the BGM where this young composer scores. The theme music coming at the right placements, will definitely give one goose bumps.

Neither very edgy nor dull, 'Kathakali' is a subtle decent thriller that excels at parts.

Rating:  3.25/5


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