Casts: Jiiva, Sibiraj, Hansika, Ramdoss
Music: D.Imman
Language: Tamil
Genre: Fantasy Comedy
After the disappointing show of ‘Yaan’, Jiiva is back to business again and this time with a promising director who debuted with the critically acclaimed, “Tamilukku En Ondrai Azhuthavum” . With colourful promos and couple of hit songs, the film has garnered great pre-talks. Touted to be a fantasy action film, will this ‘Pokkiri Raja’ sweep the hearts of the people?

Sanjeevi gets sacked from his jobs consecutively as he has a serious frequent yawning (contagious) problem. However one day, he is put into a situation where he turns that flaw into a life saving weapon.

Story Screenplay
‘Pokkiri Raja’s unique concept has to be appreciated and director Ramprakash does show some innovation by coming up with a script about a yawn that translates into a super power. The screenplay also flows in a way that in every scene there is something to laugh or at least smile about.

However, the main problem starts when the film hits the interval. Even though the idea of using air to fight the enemies sounds interesting in paper, the tacky execution brings down the idea. When the flashback (in animation) starts on how Jiiva’s grandfather is a freedom fighter who fights by using air, you just have to stop and realize that the film has entered a whole new far fetched, crazy mode. It does not only understate the audience’s intellectual capacity but also lacks in convincing us to believe the concept. 

The love track between Hansika and Jiiva is cliché and dull while Sibiraj’s villainy antics just don’t gel well in the film. The social service group led by Hansika is a nice try by the director to give a message but eventually the crazy tone of the film just never let us take anything seriously. Moreover, the second half of the film becomes draggy that ends up with a climax that will test your patience. 

Casting & Performance
Jiiva does his role with life and energy. He has given what is needed from him but one might feel that his role gradually becomes weak and overshadowed by Sibiraj’s role.

Coming to Sibiraj, he has done a great job and has proved his acting mettle in the film. Even though some of his actions resemble Sathyaraj, we do not really complain. A great show from Sibi and we expect a lot from him thereafter.

Hansika is just added in the film for the sake of glamour and forced love track that doesn’t add any value to the main story. The talented actress should make a serious change in choosing scripts if she plans to stay here for a long time.

Ramdoss, Manobala and Yogi Babu (a.k.a Panni Moonji Vaaya) are the saving live wire of the film with their ‘spot on’ situational comedic acts.

The combination of Gnanagiri’s dialogues and the power packed performances work wonders, adding life to a somewhat dull screenplay.


The technical team has worked hard to project colourful visuals and upbeat auditory elements to supplement the carefree attitude of the film.

Anji, the cinematographer of the film has made sure he shows every actors and location beautifully with colourful tones and soft focus. Other than the colour value, he does not explore much in visually telling the story.

D.Imman has continued his recently emerged loud music habits in this film too. Be it the BGM or the songs, the high decibels are projected rather than any memorable tunes. The bad song placements also add on to this misfire.

Even though editor Sabu Joseph has cut individual sequences crisply, as a whole, the film needs serious trimming, especially at the second half.

Despite the exciting concept and good performances, 'Pokkiri Raja' is too mindless to make any impact.


Rating :  2.25/5


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