Casts: Srikanth, Rai Laxmi, Singam Puli, Saravanan, Suman, Vadivukarasi
Music: John Peter
Language: Tamil
Genre: Horror Comedy
Horror comedy genre is something that has been dominating the Kollywood scene since the success of Kanchana in 2010. It has been 6 years and this genre doesn’t seem to die down as new directors have taken this concept and experimented in many interesting ways. According to the director,  ‘Sowkarpettai’ aims to bring back the vintage style of black magic concept again to Kollywood.  So will this horror comedy add on to the successful list?

An evil moneylender Gothra (Suman) kills the entire family of Vetri including his fiancé, Maya (Rai Laxmi) and buries them in the house that he has loaned to them previously. How the spirits of the murdered couple take revenge of Gothra forms the crux of the story.

Story Screenplay
Reading the synopsis, one might think that the film is going to be an exciting revenge horror film. If you did, sadly this film will disappoint you. Right from the start, ‘Sowkarpettai’ looks dated and exaggerated in terms of visuals, scares (that might not scare) and performances. It the name of love, the film starts of with a couple that the parents leave them in the house before the marriage. There starts the glamour factor and one might wonder whether they are trying to project love or just sensuous scenes to pull the crowd. This idea of objectifying women (in this case, Laxmi Rai) echoes throughout the film.

‘Sowkarpettai’ also forces comedy out of three main comedians who seems to have zero motivations in the story. The comedy tracks are dull, lame and often tests our patience than any other aspects of the film. The film’s horror moments are loud and tacky with no moments that might even scare a child in the audience. In fact, the spirits have two sound tracks to shake their legs like any other commercial movies. No! Not the typical revenge songs but hyped up energetic dance songs! With both the genre conventions of comedy and horror failing, the entire story also topples after the first act.  So how are the dialogues? Let’s not even go there.

Just before the climax, we are also introduced to an evil witch twin brother of Vetri, who lusts for the spirit of Maya. A human lusting for a spirit? A strange idea projected vulgarly in the name of glamour, might make one cringe in discomfort. After the inconsistent, old fashioned, messy screenplay, the audiences are also hinted for a sequel at the end and by this time, I think you might have guessed the reactions of the audiences for it too.

Casting & Performance
Srikanth who is desperately looking for a hit, gives his best and has went all out to stay honest to the director’s vision. Even though the film has fumbled, this talented actor shows traces of brilliance especially in showing the difference between his two characters he has played.

Rai Laxmi has also worked very hard especially in many stunt sequences. However, she has been mainly used for glamour factor and it’s about time that she chooses the right scripts to display her talent.  Seeing the talented veteran Vadivukarasi after a long time is also certainly refreshing.

Due to the exaggerated and loud performances, we shall refrain from talking about the others. The weak characterizations and the lack of cinematic taste/vision of the director is the main problem the film succumbs to.


Like I have mentioned earlier, ‘Sowkarpettai’s looks out dated and technically nothing really stands out.

Be it the cheap, tacky make up, shaky camera work or the loud music, ‘Sowkarpettai’ gives an unpleasing cinematic experience for the current audiences who are exposed to so much of innovative products in the recent years.

A misguided, old fashioned ruckus that makes you cringe in you seats in discomfort than fear.

Rating :  1/5


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