Maryan Film Review

Director: Bharatbala
Casts: Dhanush, Parvathy, Salim Kumar
Music: A.R.Rahman
Language: Tamil
Genre: Romance

Maryan is undeniably one of the most awaited films of this year and its victorious glory is partially sealed with having award winning casts and crew lists on its credits. However a film only gets its due credit if the audiences are ready to embrace the product wholeheartedly. Having anticipated as an experimental craft, will Maryan be able to strike its chords with the audiences?

Maryan (Dhanush) is an aggressive fisherman who worships the sea as almighty. After a bumpy emotional scuffle, he falls in love with Panimalar (Parvathy), a feisty young lady who is crazy about him since young. Meanwhile, Theekurisi (Vinayan), a local moneylender, sets his eyes on Pani and blackmails her father (Salim Kumar) to get her married to him to waive his huge debt away. To settle the debts, Maryan decides to work at Sudan for two years. However, that eventually becomes the most regrettable decision ever.  

Story – Screenplay

Bharatbala have taken a simple story of revival and treated it poetically. He have in fact managed to capture each moments of the story in a visually enchanting manner where it connects emotionally through its visuals. A representational concept of screenplay is never an easy task but Bharatbala have proved himself as an exceptional visual storyteller.

Be it the way he uses the sea as a symbol of strength for the protagonist or the lurking cheetahs to portray the instability of an human mind, Bharatbala’s attempt to breakaway from normality is praiseworthy.

However, the Sudanese terrorists’ purpose to kidnap Maryan is illogical and undefined. Shooting the sky unnecessarily and shouting at the top of their voice looks unfortunately amateurish. Baharatbala, as a director with such an eye for visual details, could have reviewed this eye soring glitch in the script.

The languorous pace might test a section of audience but the breath taking visual and audial design of the film, packed with realistic performances does keeps you hooked till the end.

Casting & Performance

With four award-winning actors (Dhanush, Parvathy, Salim Kumar & Appukutty) sharing the same screen, Maryan gets enlightened further with lifelike portrayal of characters. Dhanush have portrayed his role with great dedication and physically strained at many scenes post interval. Only few actors in the industry are able to fully incept audiences mind to forget the actor but see them as a character and Dhanush definitely posses that ability. Undoubtedly, he could award bell ringing again this year.

Parvathy is simple yet comes up with a powerful portrayal of Pani especially at the second half. She pulls the audiences towards her yearn for Maryan’s return. Salim does reasonably well in his brief role.

Other casts such as Appukutty, Jagen and Uma Riyaz have done well too and the deserving credit goes to Bharatbala for directing the casts perfectly.


Technically Maryan soaks us with sheer with its majestically inclined cinematic experience.

Be it, Marc Koninckx’s precise and enchanting slow speed shots or the subtle earthy tones, he gets us blown away striking us with Goosebumps. Credit also should be given to editor Vivek Harshan for intelligently piecing this epic.

A.R.Rahman’s BGM and music proves why he is an Oscar winner. He lets us witness his untainted brilliance and shows us what he can do if he is let by his will. He immerses us with an out of the world experience with his simple yet poetic sound. Simply intoxicating!

Acclaimed sound engineer Kevin J. Doucette does well in replicating the natural sounds of the shore but the dialogues sometimes sound as live recording. Inconsistent sounds of the dialogues do stand out clearly.


Maryan might not be a film for all, but cinema lovers has plenty of reasons to embrace this technically majestic experience that Bharatbala has sincerely created.

Verdict:  Resurrection of love, pictured poetically 

Rating:  3.5/5


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