Singam 2 Film Review


Director: Hari
Casts: Suriya, Anushka, Hansika, Vivek, Santhanam
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Language: Tamil
Genre: Action


Singam was labelled as the ‘Mother’ of masala flicks in Indian cinema due to its bullet speed screenplay and its dynamically shot action scenes. Many waived the logic defying factors and got awed by the attitude of the film. So does Singam 2 fulfil its immense responsibility to replicate the magic of it predecessor?



After resigning officially, Durai Singam (Suriya) stays in surveillance as an NCC teacher in a school, monitoring the illegal weapon dealings at the oceans of Tutircorin. When he discovers the true names of the illegal drug dealing at Indian Ocean, Durai Singam takes charges again as DSP and how he puts the culprits behind the bars between many challenges, forms the crux of the story.


Story – Screenplay

Singam 2 is nothing different from Hari’s previous flicks. It is an attempt to increase the ‘mass’ elements present in Singam that eventually works, at least at most parts. The film travels in jet speed and does not give the audiences any space to get dreaded. Suriya’s screen presence is the live wire of the film and that is the reason why the film works.


Hari’s hard work to make this is best is very evident. Especially the action scenes and detailed content of smuggling have been well presented. Singam 2 is undoubtedly Hari’s most focused film in his career as he tells his story without much deviations and credit should be given to its predecessor for saving his time to establish characters.


However, the comedy tracks do seem to be amateurish and silly. In addition, the unnecessary song placements, act as a speed breaker in the film.


Nevertheless, Hari stays true to his intention to create an exaggerated action flick to please the crowd and passes out quite comfortably. In a time where experimental filmmaking and different taste buds for film is emerging, it will be interesting to watch how long he can hold on his trend.


Casting & Performance

Suriya is undoubtedly the biggest strength of the film and it will not be an overstatement to say that the entire crew have banked their gamble on this actor’s charisma. Despite being loud at times, he carries out what is expected from ‘Durai Singam’ character quite confidently. Especially at pre-interval scenes, his anger and arrogance as a police gets translated to the audiences quite powerfully.


Anushka and Hansika haven given a competent performance while the latter essaying a more purposeful character. Vivek stamps his experience with well timed natural flair of comedy and also passes muster as a character artiste this time. However the ‘comedy superstar’ Santhanam has been added to the cast list as a gimmick, as his comedy tracks blatantly falls flat.


Much hyped Hollywood actor Danny has nothing much but to shout at his top of voice in the name of menace.




Technically Singam 2 has improved a wee bit in the action scenes as previously mentioned, this time Hari have tried to exaggerate them with larger set pieces of action.


To aid his vision, editor, V.T.Vijayan’s fast cuts, further intensify the screenplay.


However, D.O.P Priyan’s excessive camera shakes and zooms in attempt to further glorify the action scenes, might irritate some viewers. Moreover, DSP’s music is a big let down of the film as none of the songs stick to the heart as Singam’s songs whereas his BGM are loud but suits the larger-than-life visuals.




Singam 2 is yet another loud and generic ‘masala’ flick but definitely a more racy and purposeful piece than its predecessor.


Verdict: A dynamic crowd pleaser

Rating:  2.5/5






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