Sonna Puriyathu Film Review

Director: Krishnan Jeyaraj
Casts: Shiva, Vasundhara Kashyap
Music: Yathish Mahadev
Language: Tamil
Genre: Romantic Comedy

It’s been 6 years since Shiva entered the industry but is such a wonder to sustain as a bankable star with his usual but consistent wisecracks. However, when things get successful that number of times, we can’t really blame the filmmaker to capitalize on the same winning formula. Sonna Puriyathu is yet another film that is completely banked on Shiva’s charisma and quick ripostes. So does it hit the bull’s eye this time?


Shiva (Shiva) and his group of dubbing associates lead a laidback back life with fun is the only word in their dictionary. However tings take a flip when Shiva’s mother looks for a bride (Vasunthara) to keep his leg tied and sit settled. To foil her plan, Shiva sets on a mission to stop his own marriage. But little did he know about the quirks from the other side.      

Story – Screenplay

Sonna Puriyathu, like its quirky title, flows in a spoofy manner where each character gets exaggerated and mocked at subsequently. The underlying burlesque approach works most of the time blending well with Shiva’s well timed yet realistic dialogue delivery.

However, the main culprit why those aspects get watered down is the aimless direction of the screenplay. Just when we thought there’s a twist, the director punches up with amateurish reasons to twist it the other way. Not exactly a sin, but does affects the focus of the story. Especially at the second half the director struggles to keep his head up the drowning screen play as he adds irrational sub stories to rationalize the protagonist dream to meet his goal.

Sonna Puriyathu also falls in its own trap trying to repeat the famous liners from Shiva’s previous film which only adds to its meandering pace.

In overall if only debutant Krishnan Jeyaraj have focused more on lacing the scenes together effectively, Sonna Puriyathu could have been a well timed comedy flick.     

Casting & Performance

As I mentioned previously, Shiva sleepwalks his role with excellent charisma and comic timing. But it is time that he tries different kinds of films to keep up with the the race with the brimming bunch of young talents.

Vasunthara gets a meatier role this time comparing to her previous outings and excels well in a character which portrays two shades of personalities.  Surprisingly she keeps up and counters well to Shiva’s unpredictable sarcasm.

Other characters such as the two friends of Shiva, does really well for a debutant. They aid to boost up the proceedings with sparkles of eccentricity.


Technically Sonna Puriyathu is merely mediocre.

D.O.P Saravanan’s cool tones of colours does help the mood of the film and editor Suresh’s fast cuts are well timed. However at the end, it becomes a little draggy which calls for a serious trimming. 

‘Indira Vizha’ fame Yathish Madhav disappoints with his album in where nothings sticks in our mind sadly. In addition the cluster of old fashioned BGMs in the name of sarcasm, sounds odd.


Despite several enjoyable moments and rib-tickling returns, Shiva eventually fails to keep the wandering screenplay above the high tides of swarming loopholes.

Verdict: Damp squib  
Rating:  2/5


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