Casts: Vijay Sethupathi, Nayanthara, Parthiban, RJ Balaji
Music: Anirudh
Language: Tamil
Genre: Comedy
With a terrific form, producing a blockbuster Vellai Illa Pattathari and National Award winning, Kakka Muttai, Wunderbar Film has picked a comedy entertainer this time, helmed by ‘Poda Podi’ Vignesh Shivan. With such appealing lead pair, successful album and innovative promos, ‘Naanum Rowdy Dhaan’ brims with positivity. Does it deliver as promised?

‘Pondy’ Pandi (Vijay Sethupathi) dreams to be a rowdy one day after an ‘insightful’ conversation with a criminal when he was 8, quite contrary to his mother’s (Radhika) wish to make him a police, just like her. On the other end, Kadambari (Nayanthara), a hearing-impaired girl, wants to take revenge of Killivalan (Parthiban) who killed his mother by placing a bomb in her house. What happens when both Pandi and Kadambari cross path and destiny leads them to team up?

Story Screenplay
Vignesh Shivan has kept his characters simple but tightens the complexity of the situations that makes ‘Naanum Rowdy Dhaan’ refreshing and engaging to watch. He rips off all the advantages of the characters and places them in extreme situations that results in a realistic black comedy rather than forced. We pity the characters and when we start to feel emotional, he flips the entire scene to put a smile on our faces. Through this, he interweaves the message to take life as it comes in a subtle way.

Vignesh’s dialogues should be commended, that spikes up the presentations greatly. He uses few trending dialogues of famous old to recent films till Vedalam’s “Therikavidalama”. These are just examples of many word plays Vignesh uses throughout the film.  Another admirable factor of the film is the romantic track which has been conceived so practically yet poetically. There is no “I love you” among the lead pair yet the strong subtext used in dialogues and acts, portrays love that thousands of cheesy romantic dialogues can’t. The pacing is air tight, packed with nothing but engaging scenes back to back.

On the flipside, the film does very occasionally attempts to touch all spectrums of mainstream film, with “Naanum Neeyum” a road song, where the lead pair set off a revenge journey, embracing and enjoying the ride.

In overall, Vignesh has written a thoroughly engaging film and presented it neatly.

Casting & Performance
Vijay Sethupathi as ‘Pondy’ Pandi scores distinction with his expressions, be it emotional scenes or during his comical antics. The collision of his fear for fight and ambition to become a rowdy, results in an excellent performance from the talented actor.  He finally gets ample scope to perform in a full-fledged ‘commercial’ entertainer that he urgently needs in his career.
Nayanthara proves why she is called the ‘Lady Superstar’ by giving us such a dedicated performance as a deaf young lady. Her consistency of her portrayal is brilliant while she outwits Vijay Sethupathi in emotional scenes, effortlessly. She looks beautiful and well toned for the role as well.

Parthipan as the antagonist is funny yet menacing. Especially during the climax, he is a scream. We can’t think of another actor in that role. Excellent choice by Vignesh Shivan!

RJ Balaji shines in his witty one-liners and looks more confident than his previous outings. Who knew that the old villains, Mansoor Ali Kahn and Anand Raj could return to deliver such hilarious performances that bring the climax to a whole new level, entirely? Well played Vignesh, well played!

The newcomers who are in Pandi’s gang are commendable too, especially ‘Rahul Thaatha’.

Technically, ‘Naanum Rowdy Dhaan’ sparkles too.

George William’s cinematography is clean and neat. The way he captures the streets of Ponicherry is beautiful and even the fight scenes look like an exquisite music video. Sreekar Prasad keeps the film very crisp with his fast cuts that make the engaging script even more intense.

Anirudh’s songs are very well placed that advances the narrative along the way. His BGM at emotional scenes moves us while the rowdy theme gives us Goosebumps.

This rowdy is witty, emotional and energetic, providing us with a wholesome entertainer!

Rating:  3.75/5


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