Director: Suseenthiran
Casts: Vishal, Kajal Agarwal, Samuthirakani, Soori
Music: D.Imman
Language: Tamil
Genre: Action Thriller
Vishal’s Paayum Puli finally pounces after the major hiccup from Producer’s council and the expectation is sky high on this ‘Pandiya Naadu’ team. With aggressive promotion and anticipation will this tiger pounce as high as it wanted?

Jayaseelan (Vishal) arrives Madurai for an undercover mission to eradicate the local goons who have been extorting business tycoon and systematically killing the ones who don’t pay up. One of them who falls prey to this is Jayaseelan’s ladylove’s Soumya’s (Kajal Agarwal) father. In midst of this operation he discovers that there is one mysterious leader to the entire chain of killing. Who is it? How do Jayaseelan tracks down the main kingpin forms the crux of the film.

Story Screenplay
From the first frame itself, Paayum Puli establishes itself as a violent investigative police story and it travels as such too. But the problem is this investigative track doesn’t really accelerate in graph. Another major hindrance comes in form of the forced insipid love track that disappears literally towards the second half.

However, what makes us sit up and wathc is the pre-interval twist which promises a whole load of thrills but again falls flat a little post interval before picking up in the climax. ‘Paayum Puli’ also goes over the realism line and hits the melodramatic cymbal quite frequently. Yes, Suseenthiran’s usual realistic raw world is still present in this but the convenience of violence in it looks unnecessary and unconvincing.

On the brighter side, the dialogues at the climax portions are powerful that will stay in the audience mind even after the film. His touch on several social issues of money swindling network and the connections are noteworthy.

Having said that, there is nothing particular to point out in this film negatively but at the same time nothing to take away or praise too.  At the end credit, the audiences are left clueless on how to react to the film.

Casting & Performance
Vishal cakewalks his role that is blatantly same as many of his previous flicks. He excels in stunt sequences and dance. The climax portions throw some sparks of his acting prowess too. But it’s time that he reinvents himself and tries different types of films.

Kajal Agarwal does another typecast masala-film heroine and follows the format strictly. Similarly Soori has also been wasted in a limited role.

Samuthirakani undoubtedly stole the show by his impressive versatility and character traits created by Suseenthiran. It will never be an overstatement to say that he even overpowers Vishal at most of the scenes. If not for him, the film might have lowered a step more.


Technically ‘Paayum Puli’ is quite decent.

Editor Anthony’s cuts are effective, fast and add on the extra edge to the screenplay.
Cinematographer Velraj who plays a cameo in the film gives some warm, interesting visuals especially during night scenes and the shoot out sequences.

D.Imman’s scores well with stylish, edgy BGM that definitely make the film more thrilling especially at second half. However all the songs except ‘Puli Puli’ song, look mercilessly forced into the narration.

Despite the racy second half, Paayum Puli suffers from a mediocre screenplay, which doesn’t really pick up till the very end.

Movie Rating:  2.5/5


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