Casts: Deepak Paramesh, Gunalan Morgan, Jaqlene Prakash , Mime Gopi
Music: Siva Saravanan
Language: Tamil
Genre: Horror

Yet another horror has hit the screens in this high peak season of Horror genre delivered in Kollywood.  As many try to inject commercial elements, there are only few of them who keep the plot simple and stay really focused on the genre. Joining that list, Helmed by debutant, Srinath Ramalingam, ‘Unakkena Vennum Sollu’ has already stirred up the curiosity of moviegoers, thanks to the well-paced promos and the title. So will this

The film starts on a couple living in Singapore (Gunalan & Jaqlene) setting off to Chennai to treat their son. However they face a few unusual paranormal activities in their guesthouse and soon unlock a deep secret connected to them. In parallel track,  Karthick (Deepak) gets an eerie phone call and sets to investigate the root of it. How these two tracks intelligently interweave, forms the crux of the story.

Story Screenplay
The film has pretty much straightforward, classic plot of a horror flick that might not be particularly experimental but that simplicity works in favour of the film. The screenplay of using parallel storytelling is very effective to emote the right suspense needed for an emotionally driven story like this. ‘Unakkena Vennum Sollu’ might have the same revenge plot but the reason and the point of view of the spirit is fresh and unexpected. The main highlight of the film is the emotional arc of the film that is effectively portrayed through the father-daughter relationship.

On the flipside, the film takes its time to move the plot and that makes first half a little dry. However, by the time the film starts to intensify, it reaches the climax and end too fast. Even though the flashback is strong and realistic, it does not seem to be impactful as a set up to the spirit’s reason for revenge. The film might have needed more scares at the beginning.

Despite those hiccups, the film ends with a strong emotional impact and a smart message too. I wont be a spoiler and reveal it here, watch the film to find out!

Casting & Performance
Deepak stands out the most with a strong character etched out for him. As a new comer, he has done his job well and steals the show during the climax.

Gunalan makes his presence felt through his subtle, controlled emotions. Definitely the most likable character crafted by the writer that travels in the film with a non-judgemental view of life.

‘Maari’ fame Gopi (ironically was part of another recent horror flick, Maya) is definitely the best among the cast list. He delivers an excellent performance as a medium. Director Srinath should be commended for breaking the typecast look of a medium and presenting it like a common man.

Anu who plays as the spirit, does her role with conviction while Jaqline as the female lead does a decent job but could have been refined.

In overall, director Srinath has extracted good performances from fresh faces and proved that story is the first hero.


‘Unakkena Vennum Sollu’ has certainly a technically sound team who have created the suitable mood for the film throughout.

Siva Saravanan’s BGM acts as a character and pushes the narration forward. Eventhough, the film does not have full-length songs, the few brief tracks sound experimental and fresh.

D.O.P Manish Murthy captures the film in the right tone and his work at the climax sequences is commendable. The use of different lighting schemes for each of the parallel climax track gives the urgency required for the sequence.

Running about 2 hours and 10 minutes, Harharan’s editing is crisp and neat. On the downside, the VFX of the ‘spirit’ world shown at the climax might be tacky.

‘Unakkena Vennum Sollu’ is a classic supernatural film that evokes our emotion more than fear.

Movie Rating:  3/5


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