ARANMANAI 2 (2016)

ARANMANAI 2 (2016)

Casts: Siddarth, Sundar.C, Trisha, Hansika, Soori, Kovai Sarala, Manobala, Radha Ravi
Music: ‘Hip Hop’ Thamizha
Language: Tamil
Genre: Horror Comedy
After the massive hit of the horror comedy, ‘Aranmanai’, Sundar C is back with the sequel of it with even bigger technical team and casts. During the pre-talks of the film, Sundar.C has assured that with improved visual effects and strong emotional story, the second part will give the audiences more to take away from. So let’s see whether the strong run horror comedy trend in Tamil Cinema will take another leap!

Murali (Siddarth) and his fiancé Anitha (Trisha) fly back to their village to visit Murali’s father (Radha Ravi) who gets into a coma after falling from the stairs. However, there is more to the palace to their living as strange things start to happen. The quest to find the reason, sums up the crux of the film.

Story Screenplay
Quite surprisingly, Sundar.C has not made any changes to the script and Aranmanai 2 just flows in the same direction as its predecessor. Besides just few changes in flashback and characters, Aranmanai 2 is nothing but a carbon copy of part 1.

The main problem with Aranmanai 2 is the predictability and disjointed scenes that doesn’t warrant any emotions from the audience. Even when people are dying in the palace, the director just continues the story even without acknowledging them. And this is just ONE example of the film’s ignorance of logic. Moreover, songs are added in as an entertaining and glamour factor, continuing Sundar.C legacy of objectifying his heroines. As a horror film, Aranmani 2 doesn’t offer any intensity or scares.

So what works? Sundar.C plays with his strength of comedy and it works at parts despite being forced into the script. The witty dialogues of Venkat Raman crack us at few parts too. But we have to admit that Santhanam is dearly missed in this sequel.

Stamped with stereotypes and cliché’s Aranmanai 2 does not offer anything creative or fresh that might leaves the audience with not much takeaways or feeling when they leave the cinema halls.

Casting & Performance
Siddarth as the ‘hero’ of the film, just flows with the plot and just does his scripted acts in an underwritten role. Sundar.C continues his role from where he left from part 1 with the same costume and hairstyle. Trisha who was expected to make a mark in this film is used merely for screen presence and glamour. She is a misfit for a role and looks uninterested most of the time.

Whereas, Hansika does a decent job in another weak, brief character. The comedy trio Soori, Kovai Sarala and Manobala are the saving grace of the films with offering good comedy situations that progressively pick up.

In overall, despite a star cast ensemble, majority of them fail to shine due to the weak writing of their characters.


Sundar.C has teamed up with his usual crew members that somehow offers us the pleasure that the content has missed to give.

Cinematographer U.K.Senthilkumar’s colourful and rich visuals, give the film the needed luxurious, vintage look. Especially the ‘Amman’ song’s visuals will definitely give goose bumps. Art director Gururaj’s work in the song is spellbinding too!

Music composer ‘Hip Hop’ Thamizha’s songs are just used to add to the run time without sticking to the mind. However, his BGM is impactful at many parts that elevate the film’s mood at many places.

Besides the occasional laughs, 'Aranmanai 2' is a highly predictable flick banked on cheap gimmicks and a half-hearted content.

Rating :  2.25/5


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