Casts: Dinesh, Samuthirakani, Murugadoss, Kishore,  Aanandhi
Music: G.V.Prakash
Language: Tamil
Genre: Crime Thriller
Even before the commercial release, ‘Visaranai’ has won many international and awards and garnered critical acclaim across different regions.  With graphically disturbing visuals of the trailer and Vetrimaran’s excellent track record, there is no reason for any movie lovers to miss this film. So does ‘Visaranai’ fulfil it’s expectations?

One day, the police detain four innocent friends randomly for a big robbery case. For the next 13 days, they face nothing but horrifying experiences forced upon as they are beaten up mercilessly to confess a crime that they did not commit.

Story Screenplay
Adapted by the novel, ‘Lock up’ written by Coimbatore based, auto rickshaw driver, M.Chandakumar, Vetrimaran has tactically injected several other popular real life cases of police atrocities and crafted an intense, emotional thriller. The film’s meticulous details of events are the biggest strength of the film. Without leaving the audience puzzled, Vetrimaran breaks away from other crime drama conventions and adds in sheer realism in the screenplay. At the same time, ‘Visaranai’ doesn’t fall in the category of ‘art cinema’ but rather holds realism presented in the commercial arena where the audience are left to witness 2 hours of nail biting crime thriller.

While the audiences are adapting mentally to the merciless violence portrayed in the first half, Vetrimaran shifts gear and take the story into different dimensions of police atrocities with shocking references and revelations of the government. What a bold statement! As the prisoners shown in the film, overwhelming of violence soon gets numb in our mental capacity, thanks to the film’s racy, thrilling screenplay. The final shots of Chandrakumar, the real life prisoner shown in the story, will definitely heighten the senses of the audiences. Moreover, when unpredictability meets vulnerability at the second half, ‘Visaranai’ enters the league of its own of brilliant cinema.

A filmmaker cane evoke social responsibility or revolutions in two ways, empathizing to the issue or showing the shocking depth of problems, scaring the audiences for the root of change. Vetrimaran falls certainly in the latter.  Salute to the visionary director for coming up with yet another masterpiece.

Casting & Performance
Vetrimaran direct characters and not actors, this film is no exception.

‘Attakathi’ Dinesh is the front-runner in this competitive performance arena lay in the film. Be it happiness, pain, love or emotional determination to break free, Dinesh gains our respect with sheer dedication. The young passionate actor will definitely soar to greater heights in this film and in future.

Aadukalam Murugadoss gives a memorable performance and gains our sympathy till the end. With equal importance as Dinesh, Murugadoss surprises us with such conviction in his performance.

Samuthirakani who enters the film from the second half, grips his rather complex character tightly and till the end we can’t guess what is his next action. As the scapegoat of the corruption, his character tangles between the right and wrong.  He is the main catalyst for the nail biting suspense at the climax.

Kishore who always appears in Vetri’s films, scores distinction in his brief appearance. Aanandhi who appears only in few initial moments is remembered till the end due to the character’s importance in the film. The realistic arrangement of characters does not go beyond importance then the story actually needs.


Late editor Kishore is the main man here by his excellent management of the film’s mood. His fast cuts are not only racy but also highly intimidating.  By the time the film reaches two scenes, the audiences are fully immersed with the screen for the next two hours or lesser. The brilliance lies of Vetrimaran’s screenplay but the craft is by Kishore’s seamless cuts.

Ramalingam’s cinematography is raw but cinematic in terms of projecting the mood.  G.V.Prakash’s BGM elevates the film’s intensity. The silences he has kept and his minimalistic rhythm show his maturity in working for the story rather than trying to show off his skills.

Vetrimaran has crafted a hard-hitting, pragmatic thriller that emerges as an epitome of brilliant cinema.

Rating :  5/5


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