Casts: Siddarth, Avinash Raghudevan, Sananth Reddy, Radha Ravi, Naasar
Music: Vishal Chandrasekar
Language: Tamil
Genre: Comedy
“Shoot the Kuruvi” song has become a youth anthem by now and made all the film buffs to turn towards the film. The colourful promos not only invite us to the film’s unique nature but also scream the entry of another new age film making. With a catchy title, ‘Jil Jung Juk’, will the film fulfill the promise to give us a creative, fresh film?

Set in 2020, Jil an intelligent con man, Jung a meticulous time keep and Juk a top-class manual car expert are hired to transport the cocaine coated Pink vintage car to the Chinese dealers. However they are entangled in series of hurdles and conspiracies along the way. How they manage to solve them and most importantly come out alive in this mafia war forms the crux of the story.

Story Screenplay
‘Jil Jung Juk’ has a decent story that follows the template of many crime comedy films we have seen. However, what really makes the film stand out is it’s quirky presentation that goes back and forth to present a simple story in a puzzle-like format. From the very starting scenes, ‘Jil Jung Juk’ buckles us for a whacky ride and it doesn’t really deviate much from that intent.  

The dialogues and story telling is something we have seen in earlier ventures like ‘Va Quarter Cutting’ or the recent ‘Sutta Kadhai’. But without much disconnect or over the top craziness, ‘Jil Jung Juk’ stays intact with believable characters put into bizarre situation. The interval block of the film will literally give anyone goose bumps with a great escalation and again even greater visual presentation. The non-linear story telling and time crisis the lead characters are placed at is another stimulating factor for the audiences. Deeraj Vaidy also scores in his dialogues.  The scene where they try to replicate the ‘Ugandish’ language is a scream! However, the problem starts emerging from the second half.

The film slows down and the comedy starts to become repetitive. The story becomes a little self-indulgent and wanders around before hitting an interesting pre-climax. However, the climax too becomes a little too bizarre and by the time it reaches the last frame the fire of the film fizzles out. Do we get the goose bumps as the interval? Sadly, no.

Casting & Performance
Siddarth should be commended for encouraging new age film makers and their new set of ideas. After introducing Balji Mohan to Kollywood, Deeraj Vaidy will definitely be another asset he has brought to us. Donning an eccentric con man, Jil, Siddarth’s body language and local accent is impressive!

The two other heroes of the film, Avinash and Sananth show no sign as debutant with impressive screen presence. They are on par with Siddarth at most of the times.

The two villains, Radha Ravi and Amendran are menacing and witty at the same time. The black comedy really works more with them than the lead characters. The stronger the antagonists, the stronger the conflict gets but in this the wackier they get, the more lively the film becomes.

In overall the excellent casts ensemble keep the wafer-thin plot alive. However the inconsistency of the characters do prevent the full potential of them to shine.  All said, kudos to Deeraj Vaidy to make a film without a heroine.


‘Jil Jung Juk’ rides high on creativity in visuals more than the content.

The first winner of the crew is art director Shivashankar who has shown the futuristic world with a tint of imagination. His bright properties and set designs are fresh for the eyes and definitely set the whacky mood in our sense early when the film opens. He has created a whole new universe that the audience start to immerse themselves with the attracting visual cues.

Cinematographer Shreyaas captures the film with unconventional angles, mild tones and fast camera movements to add value to the film’s eccentric/futuristic texture.

Vishal Chandrasekar’s music is one of the biggest strength of the film and his interesting sounds in BGM create a whole new world to our senses.

'Jil Jung Juk' is another fresh innovation in Tamil cinema that focuses more on style than substance.

Rating:  3.25/5


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