Casts: Vijay Sethupathi, Ramy Nambeesan, Vela Ramamoorthy
Music: Nivas K Prasanna
Language: Tamil
Genre: Action

A policeman is burnt alive and killed by the people of Vathiyar (Vela Ramamoorthy) for a vengeful reason. Inspector Sethupathi (Vijay Sethupathi) an honest but witty policeman, takes a vow to solve this case but little did he know about the huge turmoil he is getting into. How Sethupathi breaks the barriers and solve the case against the ruthless Vathiyar, forms the crux of the story.

Story Screenplay
Reading the plot, one might think that this is going to be another mass commercial potboiler. If you did, you are very wrong. ‘Sethupathi’ doesn’t really go ambitious with its plot and no we are not complaining here. Without over exaggeration or lengthy punch dialogues, Sethupathi flexes its ‘mass’ moments through accelerating situations. In fact this is the formula of many successful commercial cop flicks. Rather than getting tangled with a complicated plot, director Arunkumar has written a straight forward cop story with detailed characters and feel good moments.

What makes Sethupathi stand out from other police stories is the family sentiment element. Without entering the melodramatic league, Arunkumar shows his male lead in his home and further defines his whole rounded character. That brings his role more close to the audience. Despite several cinematic liberties, Arunkumar’s world of Sethupathi is toned down and realistic.  For example the villain does not look menacing but his actions are evil. That further retaliates the point that actions speak louder than words and we don’t need a loud villain to show that.

On the flipside, Sethupathi’s first half do take sometime to develop that tests our patience at times but Arunkumar has carefully engineered it to pay back the slow set ups in the second half. In overall, Vijay Sethupathi and Arunkumar has come up with a memorable film that has a neat and feel good screenplay.

Casting & Performance
Viajy Sethupathi enters the league of ‘mass’ hero and he does it with majestic masculinity and subtlety. No doubt that this versatile actor will leap to another stage of his career through this film.

Ramy Nambeesan shares great chemistry with Vijay Sethupathi and as usual performs her role with great conviction and understanding. Plus not forgetting the two kids who acted as their children for their wholehearted performances.

Like mentioned previously, Vela Ramamoorthy, the main antagonist has played a different villain with toned down antics. The new talent who acts as the SI who travels with Sethupathi throughout also attracts our attention with his well-defined role as a clumsy but passionate policemen.
Cinematographer Dinesh’s earthy and warm tones give this police flick the right rural touch. The fast cuts by Sreekar Prasad move the scenes smoothly and without any abrupt moments. The apt slow motions during fight scenes are done with a right dose without any over exaggeration.

Nivas K Prasanna’s music is one of the important factors for Sethupathi. The BGMs are not loud as usual mass film but do give the right impact. The songs are placed well that are utilized to progress the narration. The ‘Hey Mama’ song at the climax fight is a sheer goose bump moment for the audience.

Sethupathi is a honestly made cop flick that shines bright with solid performances and a realistic content.

Rating:  3.5/5


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